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[PA Comic] Friday, December 5, 2014 - Tradition



  • streeverstreever Registered User regular
    I don't think they have a coherent argument as to why they are against it, which is why we're seeing so many posts that say "But it's censorship!"

  • AnzekayAnzekay Registered User regular
    I think it's rather amusing how different the response to Target's decision has been in Australia compared to the US.

    That is to say, we are a lot more relaxed about it, in average.

    This super great article sums it up pretty well, I feel.

  • xanthianxanthian Registered User regular
    edited December 2014

    xanthian on
  • beeftruckbeeftruck Registered User regular
    streever wrote: »
    Pony--or like the MANY people who signed the Target petition to say they were opposed to the petition itself?

    Beeftruck: No, it isn't 'a little censorship'. It's actually *not* censorship, per the dictionary definition. Please, catch up with the last few pages of the thread.

    The politically correct bubblespace has reassured itself that it's not censorship, but nobody else is buying it. Not the rank-and-file gamers across Reddit and other sites, not the owners of this site, not anyone but the usual suspects. Deal with it.

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