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Soulwalker: Oblivion

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Moon and Back Studio is excited to announce that for the next 30 days the Developer Build of Soulwalker: Oblivion will be made public for all to enjoy. Command your Avatar and bring light to the Void as you battle other players for supremacy in this world and the next! Build your deck around your own personal play style. Outwit or just plain over power your opposition in both Solo and Battle Play. Draw cards and summon powerful allies or blast your foes back into the Void. Position your troops and fight it out to the bitter end in this 3D battle for universal supremacy.
Soulwalker came about from a desire to play a CCG that was more than just laying down cards on a virtual table. By moving play onto a three dimensional battlefield, players are able to really delve into the strategic components that go far beyond just normal Deck building. Luck becomes less of an issue and when, how, and why you make a certain move gains much more importance. We like this aspect, and we hope you will too.

So follow the link below and let us know what you think!

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