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Gummy World, a puzzle game for iOS [FREE ]

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Gummy World is a relaxing and simple, yet challenging puzzle game. Follow Lewis the Adventurer as he travels to exciting new worlds collecting elusive Gummies and saving them from invasive Chameleons and other dangers. Connect the same Gummies horizontally and vertically to collect and remove them. Connecting many Gummies in the same move creates long combinations and gives you HUGE points. Connecting four or more Gummies creates different types of Power Ups (Bomb, Vertical and Horizontal) that help you blast away more Gummies.

Why Gummy World Is Different
It has the cuteness and ascetics of a match 3 game, but this is not a match 3 game. It's got a different game mechanic (that we've built ourselves) where you connect gummies horizontally and vertically. Also its focused on collection, so each new world that you encounter has new different type of Gummies that you can collect. There's just something relaxing about this game where you can sit back, play and just enjoy it. But don't let the cute look deceive you. As the levels progress, some of level become quite challenging. There's 120 levels (with more to come), so try it out!

Gummy World is available as a free download for iPhone and iPad in the Apple App Store:


About Trilby Games
We’re a small team of 3 from San Diego. Coming from vastly diverse backgrounds, we met at a karaoke bar and bonded through our passion for app development, video games and art. Shortly after, Trilby Games LLC was formed. Our goal was to develop games that we ourselves wanted to play. This served as our foundation in developing Gummy World, a culmination of many of our favorite games into one. Keep up with news and updates by liking on Facebook, following @trilbygames on Twitter and visiting the Trilby Games website:

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