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Orders for Pin Pal Stamps

00Fayt0000Fayt00 Registered User regular
edited January 2016 in Pinny Arcade
Hi All! Last year I made a stamp for my Pin Pal at the time @Frostbyte‌. It looked like this

Now, last year when I made this I had more time, and a yard/work area. Also it may not look like it but though I started with around 10 or so stamps that I put together(without the rubber piece), only 3 made it to completion of being painted correctly because I couldn't find a paint that would dry correctly with the right cover.

I can get the supplies and make the stamp "post", and have the stamp created. I will have to double check on pricing, but before shipping I think this will be under $20. Keep in mind I'm not selling these to make a profit(which seemed to be the hold up last year) but instead I am trying to help provide the community with something they can enjoy and use when sending out Pin Pal gifts. If you are interested reply to this thread and I will add you to the list. I will take orders on this until January 1, and then I will place the order for the stamps. I may make another order, but I might not depending on how much time I have, so if you are interested then please order one now.

NOTE: Australia pin pals! Don't despair on shipping costs. @Duckie has graciously offered to help out by taking stamps back with her to Australia with her when she returns from PAX South. ^_^

Note 12/13/14-- This is for the wooden stamp, not postal Stamps. Though I love the postal stamps, they aren't practical to use often. Just wanted to clarify.

***UPDATE 1/30/15***
If anyone missed out on these or want to get a few extra for pin pals(for example, @darkinfero and @silrn both got an extra stamp to give away at PAX South) then let me know. I can easily get the materials and get everything shipped before PAX East. If you just missed out completely on ordering stamps the first go around, then again let me know. These are still $20 to get, and then they will be around $4 to ship. I am more then happy to keep making these for the community.

Moving on though, I found out my friend is a decent painter. On the Sunday before PAX South I decided I wanted to make @PRD a special stamp since she is and always will be one of my favorite Pinny Pals. I ended having this made.


I have spoke with my friend and depending on the complexity of the design, he is willing to help paint more specialized stamps. This will be for all future orders. If you want a special stamp, then let me know in this thread by just saying so, and then we can PM about the details to figure out specific costs. Also, the first set of these that I made were unpainted. I takes quite a bit to get the paid to actual dry on these(especially in the winter), but if you want one and you want it painted a certain way with no other design, I can also do that, though it will be an extra few dollars to get the specific color and whatnot.

For those who already have your stamps, I hope you love them and use them for all your trades. For anyone who missed out on the first round, or to any new Forum Pinny Pals, feel free to let me know if you want one!!!

Orders so far
Geometric Cube

darkinfero X2

Capt Wasabi

Thunderous T

Second batch/order
Diffusion-- Kemper Painted on
Darkinfero--Kemper Painted on
Geometric Cube--Painted & design

00Fayt00 on


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