A Very Apocalyptic Christmas: A Do-It-Yourself [Miniphalla]. GAME OVER! Mafia Victory

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On December 25 2035, the world is engulfed by Nuclear Warfare. The landscape as we know it becomes a frozen wasteland as a New Ice Age is ushered in. Most of humanity has been wiped out except for a select few who have taken refuge in MEGA MALL 1. The largest self-sustaining shopping center on Earth and the only structure known to be able to withstand the elements. The few that survive are forced to create new lives within the confines of the Mall.
This is their story.

What is This?

This is a MiniPhalla for up to 30 people. See here for information on what a Phalla is.

This an annual mini I run, the predecessors being this game, this game, this game and this game so you're encouraged to read some of those if you want a good idea as to what goes on. They get intensely crazy but usually remain pretty fun. If you're expecting a tactical game, this is not the one for you, or maybe it is and you should live a little.

The Catch

Rather than me assigning roles, each person will make his own role and send it to me in a PM. Note: This game is being co-hosted by @Egos so all communication with me must include him as well (and vice-versa).

I will then collect all the roles and 'balance' them. This 'balancing' might take a variety of forms. I might impose some bizarre restriction on what you sent me, modify it slightly or just flat out ignore your suggestion and give you something else.

The only direct rule on role choice that exists is that, as this is a Very Apocalyptic Christmas we’re having, Your role must be at least loosely related to Christmas in the post-apocalypse.

You're welcome to suggest win condition/faction along with your role but don't be surprised if that changes.The roles of each faction really depend on what gets sent in by everyone.

Ok, so how do i play?

If you want to play, you need to send me (remember to include @Egos) a PM with your proposed role. Signing up is entirely optional. If you do so I'll add you to the player list in italics and reserve your spot for a day or so. This should give everyone time to come up with a good role and not feel rushed.

The bare minimum you need to send me is a character name and a brief description.
Obviously the more you send (i.e powers, win conditions/alignment etc) the more your character is in your control rather than mine.

At the end I'll share all the roles and my favourite one will win best role PM. Here, here and here some of the past winning roles.

Helpful tips on making a submission
  • BE CREATIVE! The more creative you are, the more likely I am to give you what you submit or atleast more of it. Also don't worry too much about the strength of the connection with Christmas, last year the best role was someone from a different holiday who just mixed it up. I allowed it because it was really creative. See where I'm going with this?
  • BE UNIQUE! Powers like vigs and seers are really strong. But they're also likely to be requested a lot, and that means people gettting hit with the 'balancing' stick. Again, when too many people ask for the same power, It generally goes to whoever’s role I like more. Here is a pretty good list of mafia(the game not faction) roles that you can use for inspiration.
  • You can contact me for advice on your role before submitting it. I generally have a good idea on how strong I want to make each role and I can lead you to that.

    • No anonymous contact. PMs, proboards, IRC or IMs etc are all allowed as long as both players talking know who the other is in game. Additionally, I ask that you send me (and @Egos) links to any proboards you create.
    • Don't use the 'add to conversation’ feature in a conversation that's already been started unless it’s used to add one of the hosts or a reserve taking over for the player you’re talking to. This is because it allows you to prove what someone said in a way that shouldn't be possible.
    • No screenshotting, direct quoting of your role PM or any other information I send you. You are allowed to paraphrase it however, unless i state otherwise but no madlibs or trying to use my wording to prove anything.
    • Dead players may not converse with living players and vice versa. When you die, whatever you know dies with you. Ghost posts are tolerated but they must not contain anything game related.
    • Voting is done in bold red. Retracting can be done in bold lime but is not required, just revote.
    • Posts containing a vote cannot be edited. You are not allowed to delete posts.
    • Clarifications should be asked in Bold Orange.
    • You must make ONE vote each day. There is no minimum post number, but if I feel you are not contributing to the game enough I will send you a warning (not the same as an inactivity notice). If you fail to meet these requirements you will have 12 hours to respond to my inactivity notice PM or I will contact a reserve to replace you.

    For convenience sake, if you want to PM me individually, please reply to your role PM. It makes it easier if i have one PM strand from each player.

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