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[Steam] Winter is Over.



  • BigDesBigDes Registered User regular
    So, I just noticed the Steam banner for Edge of Space

    Now then, a predicament. Edge of Space looks pretty ugly going for a more realistic look with the 2d graphics of Terraria seems like a strange decision.


    The banner has a dude riding a raptor jumping off a cliff while firing a huge machine gun at a shark in a flight harness

    I hope you all see the terrible bind I am in here

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  • Ed GrubermanEd Gruberman Registered User regular
    Iolo wrote: »
    Is there a list of the numbers of gems to craft various boosters anywhere? My research produced no such list and I can't check the gems-to-craft costs without owning the games. There are a couple of the ANIME SALE games that seem like they might fit the "Pixelated Pixie"‌ profit loop model.
    I'm fairly certain that is only a very narrow range of games fit that. Neither of the games I tried worked. And I think @Pixelated Pixie‌ even said post sale, her loop was starting to collapse.

    I have one game where the boosters are way overpriced compared to the cost of crafting the gems (I don't want to mention it here lest the market get flooded) but it seems like the boosters aren't actually selling so take that for what it's worth. Probably people who are interested in the cards understand the gems now so your best bet may be to break even now. Or unpack the cards and hope for a foil.


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  • SoundsPlushSoundsPlush yup, back. Registered User regular
    akajaybay wrote: »
    Interesting selection of related games on the Child Birth Simulator page.

    These are out of order. Gene Selector comes first, and then the seemingly unrelated sequel Poor Baby's Sick Today. That ends on a cliffhanger which is resolved in Baby Hazel Stomach Care (whose twist I won't spoil). Lastly, Alien Surgery concludes the saga with an autopsy, and sequel bait.

    Elsa Ear Doctor is there to decompress.

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  • MudzgutMudzgut OhioRegistered User regular



    Did I mention the NEW THREAD?

    @Bobkins Flymo‌ and @Echo‌, please shut this one down! Thanks!


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