Old Comics not Loading

Is any one else having an issue where for older comics like the one below or any other one I tested in 2011 and earlier do not load?
Is this happening for other people or is it just my computer? It occurs on my computer for all browsers installed, all 5 of them, and considering its the first time I have ever gone to penny arcade in Opera it's not a cookie issue.


Viewing the source does show me why there is no image, there is no valid src for the old image
<img src="/1050x10000/-1050x10000." alt="How The Illithid Stole Lolthmas, Part One">
compared to today's
<img src="http://art.penny-arcade.com/photos/i-2cFGxj9/0/1050x10000/i-2cFGxj9-1050x10000.jpg&quot; alt="Southron Swords, Part Three">

Since Tycho and Gabe don't read the forums, is there a way to tell them about this?


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    KethennKethenn Registered User staff
    Known issue regarding a change we pushed recently. Working on the fix now. Thanks!

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