Whats there to do in Melbourne and Sydney??

Kirby4LifeKirby4Life SumYungGuyIn a cabin in the woodsRegistered User regular
So, this is my first time going to the land down under. Im gonna spend 2 weeks there (here) and I was wondering what I should go check out?? Museums, parks/beaches, famous places, etc. Im more of a nature lover but I can appreciate the urban jungle too.


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    agentcooperagentcooper Brisbane, AustraliaRegistered User regular
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    Walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge - http://www.bridgeclimb.com
    Visit (Sydney) Taronga Zoo! - http://taronga.org.au/taronga-zoo
    Catch the ferry from Circular Quay (Sydney) out to Manly and have a wander along the beach and an ice cream. (http://beyondthewharf.com.au)

    Make sure you check out the laneways in Melbourne, lots of cool stuff in there e.g.. Crepes!
    Check out the ACMI in Melbourne there's usually always something interesting going on there. - https://www.acmi.net.au
    And maybe see any sporting matches (that you may not be familiar with) depending on when your visiting. Cricket, AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union. Actually a blockbuster local derby at the MCG is an experience unto itself! - http://www.mcg.org.au

    Hire a car from Melbourne and do the Great Ocean Road! - http://www.visitgreatoceanroad.org.au
    And while your out that way, http://www.otwayfly.com (they didn't have the zipline tour when I was there)

    All of these are recommendations are from my personal experience.

    PS. Also, visit Brisbane :)

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    BluetongueBluetongue Registered User new member
    Kirby like so many things in life your options are endless.
    I can recommend the Blue Mountains while your in Sydney. They are about an hour train trip from Central and have all the trees and greenery you could desire (The three sisters would be the most common tourist destination).
    Pm me if you would like more details on specific places to go therein.
    If you would like to see some Fauna there is Featherdale wildlife park also (which specializes in Australian animals).
    If your fond of large bodies of water there are more than a few very nice beaches around Sydney. Manly and Bondi would probably be two of the most famous.
    You also have to take the ferry to get over to Manly easily which is a great way to see the harbor during the day.
    If your a bit of a foodie you want to check out Harrys Pies in Woolloomooloo they are an institution in Sydney (try the tiger ... you'll need the fork they give you). I'm also a massive fan of Gelato Messina which never ceases to suprise with new flavors.
    Locations to visit would be the Opera House (the botanical gardens are also near by), Harbor Bridge and Centerpoint tower (now Westfield tower).
    Melbourne is even better than Sydney for food, but i'm less qualified to give you specific places to go there.

    PS Don't visit Brisbane they have floods =P

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    GormandGormand Registered User regular
    There are 3 zoos around Melbourne you can check out

    If you up for eating there is no shortage and it really depends what you like, these are some of my regular haunts most require a booking around a week in advance depending on the night (Fridays and Saturdays bookings are a must)
    http://mrsparmas.com.au/ - Cant visit Melbourne and not have a Parma somewhere and there is no better.
    http://www.gamichicken.com.au/ - This place is as dodgy as it looks, I recommend the Soy Garlic and the Sweet Chilli chicken in boneless. We get nothing here except chicken and beer.

    It is a pity your here after the football season, AFL at the MCG can be an amazing experience. Not sure if there is anything else on but there are tours of the stadium you can do.

    As stated above ACMI is well worth a look.

    Melbourne constantly has different events, check out this closer to the time

    Museum is also worth a look

    If you like Beer look at (These I have been too)
    Mrs Parmas above, the Portland hotel, Foresters Hall.

    If you like cocktails check out this list (Ive been to 1806 but i dont really drink cocktails)

    A few days out at the Grampians wouldnt go amiss, lots of bushwalks and generally peaceful atmosphere. We stayed here
    And ate here a couple of times
    you would need to hire a car if you go there. But that may work if you fly into Sydney then take one of the drives here (Min 2-3 days)
    And then fly out of Melbourne (Most major car rental companys will allow drop off in another state)

    Hopefully other people can name you a few more nature based things.

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    ameybesameybes vvvv MERBERNRegistered User regular
    St Kilda (in Melbourne) will be nice during PAX Aus, as it was last year. Its trendy beachside with nice bars etc. Yarra River cruises are quite nice, but Melbourne in general is good to walk around - its the most consistently design/architecture obsessed capital in Australia. Fitzroy/Brunswick is great for checking out hipsters, though Chapel Street isn't bad either. Carlton is a bit dull, don't go there.

    Sydney you pretty much have to go to Bondi Beach on your first trip, that way you can tell people to stop recommended it. Catch many ferries.

    For naturey stuff, you should still have safe temperatures (ie. lower bushfire risk) for a hike around Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park & see the Hawksbury River for your `aussie bush' experience in a quasi-urban setting (its north of Sydney but worth the effort). Melbourne area, surfing down at Torquay is a big deal for young guys into that kind of thing.

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    xJacko_xJacko_ Jacko Sydney, AustraliaRegistered User new member
    Sydney (Where i live):
    - Luna Park
    - Manly Beach
    - Wet 'n' wild
    - Darling Harbor
    - More! Search some up here: http://www.sydney.com/events/search?query=&meta_D_orsand=&date_from=Sun+25+Oct&date_to=Sat+7+Nov&ge_q=0&le_p=1000#

    idk its my first time going there ever

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    Kirby4LifeKirby4Life SumYungGuy In a cabin in the woodsRegistered User regular
    All noted!! I've been starting to form a schedule and map out where to go and what not. Didn't think it would be this hard and confusing to plan a trip... Well, an international trip anyway...

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