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Super Slam Dunk Touchdown: Couch-based multiplayer sports action!

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What is Super Slam Dunk Touchdown?

SSDT is Action! SSDT is Teamwork! SSDT is SPORTS. Assemble a crack squad of sports characters to pass, punt and punch your way to victory! Super Slam Dunk Touchdown offers up to TEN THOUSAND BILLION PERCENT more sports than the leading sports video game! If you want exciting multiplayer sports action without all those pesky things like rules, penalties or realism, then grab some friends and a couch and get ready for Super Slam Dunk Touchdown: The sports game for everybody!


Super Slam Dunk Touchdown serves up elements of Football, Hockey, Soccer, Roller Derby, Basketball, Bowling, Tennis and more! Battle for supremacy on turf, ice, and court surfaces against streaking fans, ice resurfacers, banana peels, and oh yes, the opposing team.


When can I play?

Right now, if you have a Windows computer and a USB controller (analog stick recommended). I hope to release the game on consoles, but it has a ways to go before it is complete and needs player feedback! Grab some USB controllers and a few friends, and check out the latest pre-alpha demo!




Go for goal points with the net, the field goal posts or the hoop! Different players have different shot styles and abilities. For most players, the longer you hold the button down, the farther the ball will go.

Keep holding the shoot button for a charge shot. Charge shots for Football, Soccer and Basketball players shoot high for field goals and baskets. Charge shots for Roller Derby and Hockey players weaponize the ball, allowing for ricochet bonus points off other players, the ref, or even the goalie!

Stand right underneath the net for a slam dunk! Press the shot button to dunk when the ball is near the hoop.

Use the shoot button to fight when you don't have the ball. Different players have different fight moves, so try to learn them all! If fights get too rowdy, players will enter the Rowdy Cloud. Mash your shoot button to fight your way out of the rowdy cloud! If you aren't in the rowdy cloud, stay away, the fight will suck you right in!

When the meter above your head fills up, use the turbo button for a quick burst of speed and invulnerability from attack.

  • Soccer/Footy: Fast and furious! Can steal and kick field goals.
  • Hockey: Rough and ruthless! Can KO with his turbo, and has a weaponized slap shot.
  • Football/AFB: Here comes the tackle! This tough cookie has a quick turbo recharge and kicks field goals.
  • Roller Derby: Rolling and rowdy! She has a mean hip-check and a can pitch while skating.
  • Basketball: Boom goes the dynamite! He tosses shots to the goal hoop, and can steal the ball.



Please provide any feedback you may have via this form. And here's the link to the pre-alpha demo again, in case you missed it!


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