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cadmiacadmia Registered User regular
Hello everyone and happy 2015!

At least year's PAX East we had a small contingent of runners who took a foot tour of Boston in the early morning hours. I'd love to give that a go again this year at South. Are there any runners interested? I'm thinking we could do anywhere from 3-7 miles and we can run at a pace that is comfortable for the group.

Personally, I'm pretty flexible and happy to run short or longer distances, but I am pretty average in terms of pace (9-10 min mile). I'm staying at the Grand Hyatt Thursday - Monday and happy to run any or all of those days.

Please post here or message me if interested and we will set up a phone exchange before the event.

Thanks for reading and Happy PAX :)


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    trinnaratrinnara Registered User regular
    I'm kinda interested. I probably won't make it if it's scheduled for Friday morning because I'll be recovering from A Shot of Ice and Fire.

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    StupidStupid Newcastle, NSWRegistered User regular
    Does anyone know of a good outdoor running route on/near the convention center? Preferably on unpaved surfaces?

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    orthancstoneorthancstone TexasRegistered User regular
    Unpaved? Not sure there's going to be much there. Someone more familiar with downtown will have to field that.

    As for good routes, check out the Riverwalk maps (the complete map will be better to see running/hiking routes): thesanantonioriverwalk.com/about/river-walk-maps/

    I've only run a portion of the red path that goes south of downtown, but I enjoyed it. I plan on putting some more miles down on it that weekend.

    PAX South 2018 - Jan 12-14!
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    cadmiacadmia Registered User regular
    I'm really looking forward to learning more about the city this way, it looks beautiful and I hope some other folks join me!

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    TomsushiTomsushi Registered User regular
    I'm interested in this but like someone else said idk how early I can get up after a night of drinking at the bar crawl. I'm not a very good runner but wouldn't mind coming for a little bit if this does happen. Jogging up/down the river walk is nice and there are lots of great hiking/running trails although not directly in downtown so you'd have to drive.

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