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Animation Activity: Gfycat

IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
edited January 2015 in Artist's Corner
Alright, So Tidus wrote us an OP, And I think this is a good Idea for an activity. But in His excitement about the website, there wasnt much of an activity! So I'm reformatting the thread a bit.

Here is Tidus's post, which is a lot of info about the site, Thanks @Tidus53‌ !
Now let me ask you this: Have you ever seen a scene online or TV and wanted to draw it? Ever had trouble drawing a specific pose in a fight scene? Ever wanted to give you drawings a proper sense of flow and life?

Well folks, then let me introduce you to the new .gif modification engine that's sweeping the nation: !

This marvel of a website takes any .gif files you may have, compresses 'em, and makes 'em run smoother than an otter down a slip 'n' slide covered with lard! But that's not all folks!

After you .gif files become .gfy files, not only will they run faster and more consistently but you'll also be able to pause it, rewind it, play it frame-by-frame, and even zoom in and out of it, and not to mention you can bookmark these beauties to find and use 'em again at any time, so you can play 'em anywhere and share 'em with anyone!

You want proof? how about this scene of Chun-Li beating up a pair of goons?

Not good enough? How about this climactic fight sequence from TLOK, between Kuvira and Suyin?

Not a fan of animation? No problem! Have these gfy files of the Little Dragon fighting on me!

Personally I do believe this can be a very useful tool for struggling artists. Having a tool that allows me to pause certain action scenes and be able to attempt to recreate them by drawing is a dream come true. Now I saying this you'll probably ask," Bro, why not just find the actual video?" and to that I have this retort.

The gfy file, made from gif files, can be focused on a certain scene within the video itself, the important stuff if you will. So instead of using a lot of time that could be spent drawing on--say-- trying to find a really kick ass fight scene for reference; you could divide that scene into gifs, run it through gfy, and be able to pause, rewind, and frame-by-frame it at any time and come back to it any time. So it could cut down on a lot of time looking for reference.

Better yet, you're going through tumblr or Reddit and see a gif from an MMA fight or kung-fu movie you don't have access to or don't know the source of, and you're never sure if you'll ever see that gif again. Save the gif to your computer, gfycat it, and rewatch and draw it at your leisure.

Here's the Activity:
1)Use to make a gif you can study from
2) Use animation software to make some animation, or do a series of drawings studing motion
3) Post that shit,

EZ toon: (I havent checked these files for legitness, will do this weekend)
Animating in photoshop:
Free version of toon boom: (watermarked files will result)

If you guys have fighting movies you'd like to recommend people look at, you can post about them, Keep in mind that we have a restriction on the size of gifs but you can post youtube clips for people to insert into gfycat themselves, or post links.

I will do some of my own studies when I get home this weekend!

Iruka on


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