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[Magic: the Gathering] Uguu~~ The Spiwit Dwagon



  • KayKay What we need... Is a little bit of PANIC.Registered User regular
    They did state in the Arena introduction that they want sealed/draft on there very quickly.

    3DS FCode: 1993-7512-8991
  • TurksonTurkson Near the mountains of ColoradoRegistered User regular
    I haven't played MtG in years but Vampire Conquistadors might draw me back.

    There are many Interceptors, but this one is mine!

    Come play X-Wing!
  • hippofanthippofant ティンク Registered User regular
    edited September 25
    LSV is currently 2-1, 2-0 in Modern Cube with a Greater Gargadon, Murderous Redcap, Reveillark, Body Double infinite damage combo.

    hippofant on
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