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We should all really quit [Social Media]: Facebook changes product branding to FACEBOOK



  • #pipe#pipe Cocky Stride, Musky odours Pope of Chili TownRegistered User regular
    I like Facebook.

    It is a little irritating that they tweak it every few months to make it harder to hide the obvious marketing and spam, but It is generally a pretty relaxing place for me to hangout and kill time. I am not concerned with it becoming an echo chamber because I don't use it to get unbiased news or political opinions, I use it to look at cats and make dumb jokes on people's photos.

    It is also a very good way to plan and invite people to events.

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  • StraightziStraightzi Here we may reign secure, and in my choice, To reign is worth ambition though in HellRegistered User regular
    Yeah, I barely ever actively "use" Facebook

    Like, I have a couple of people who I got notifications on everything they do, because I care about them a bunch, but other than that I never really read it much

    But between event invites, Facebook messenger, and having a pretty solid source of pictures of myself

    I'd have a lot of trouble getting rid of it proper

  • NeoTomaNeoToma Registered User regular
    I post things on facebook and get likes, and for that day I have concrete proof I deserve to exist

  • IlpalaIlpala Just this guy, y'know TexasRegistered User regular
    I use Facebook as a chat client. It is currently backfiring as Facebook has exploded.

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  • LarsLars Registered User regular
    I had a Facebook for like a month when I first moved to Atlanta because I figured I'd be meeting new people and it would be useful.

    I met new people without it and didn't use it at all, so I eventually deleted it (even jumping through the secret hoops to super-really-real delete for realsises or whatever).

    Years before that I had a MySpace for a while I think, but I also never really used that so deleted it.

    Years before that I apparently had a Blogger which had 2-3 blogs on it, which I discovered years later. I didn't remember writing any of it, but I guessed a few of my old passwords and one of them worked so it must have been me. So I deleted it.

    I don't think I've ever had a Twitter.

    I figure that most people who I want to be able to contact me already have a way to do so. Except like, Dan Aykroyd or something. I'd totally like for him to contact me because he would be fun to talk to and I'd totally buy him dinner or whatever just to hear him tell stories about the history of wine/motorcycles/paranormal/etc, but he probably doesn't have a way to contact me. I seriously doubt me having a Facebook page would help there though.

  • ZayZay yes i am zay Registered User regular
    Twitter was a main issue for me

    I don't follow "non-awesome" people

    but those people, inbetween being awesome, sometimes write and retweet things that suck the energy out of me

    it's like there's no breathing room

    information just gets blasted at you whether you want it or not and you can't tune out

    Yeah I have muted or blocked retweets on people for entirely selfish reasons that a lot of people would probably, justifiably criticize me for

  • nukanuka What are circles? Registered User regular
    I don't understand twitter.

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  • Man of the WavesMan of the Waves Registered User regular
    If it weren't for twitter, I would not have known about this

    or the 2000 dead in Nigeria or many other important issues that the media refuse to cover.

  • Virgil_Leads_YouVirgil_Leads_You Proud Father House GardenerRegistered User regular
    I deactivated my account in highschool after a breakup.
    I found myself going to that person's page, about a day later, and I just decided that I didn't want to be that creepy dude and removed my account.
    I had another relationship in college, set up an account and about a year later, promptly deactivated it when we parted ways. 2009ish?
    These days I'll catch a viewing of a family members page- see all the racism and bigotry directed at them, and it douses any feeling of remaking a Facebook account.

  • ParzivalJonesParzivalJones Registered User regular
    Closed my twitter last fall, just too negative. Facebook I cleaned out down to about 50 friends and really try to curate what I see. And today is the first time I've posted on a message board in two years.

  • GvzbgulGvzbgul Registered User regular
    My facebook was getting boring, I hadn't added friends in years, and so I did a thing last Dec and accepted every friend request I had in my list (I don't 'Ignore' friend request, I literally ignore them, so they pile up). It wasn't terrible, just terribly confusing. 'I don't know you' was a very common thought in my head. Plus I'm pretty sure there were at least a couple bots, but I haven't had trouble so far. My goal was to then go through my friends list and give it a New Years clean. But it seems I'm just as lazy when it comes to defriending as friending. So most have stuck around barring a few that I either didn't know or didn't speak English.

    I was hoping that my facebook feed would turn into a bit of a shitstorm, but most people don't post shitty stuff, they share stuff from shitty pages and I'd already blocked most of those years ago.

  • miscellaneousinsanitymiscellaneousinsanity grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother, i hurt peopleRegistered User regular
    I keep telling myself I need to take a break from the forums, or cut down on time spent here

    Hasn't happened yet

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  • DaypigeonDaypigeon Registered User regular
    I keep facebook around because everyone basically expects it at this point? It's an ok way to keep in touch with people I don't really have a good way of contacting otherwise, I guess

    also a good way of making me feel confused when my old high school crush likes or comments on my posts, which seems to be a constant thing even though we haven't talked or interacted in forever otherwise. It keeps happening and I'm never totally sure how I feel about that.

    I made a twitter a while ago but I'm thinking I probably should have just made a blog or tumblr or something instead, I'm kind of a wordy person

  • AnzekayAnzekay Registered User regular
    I've been using facebook for ages now, but I don't really use it quite so much now. It's mostly just a tool for keeping up to date on what major things are going on with my friends, organising events with friends or other social gatherings (like Netunner! It's a big thing for my Netrunner stuff) (the facebook event thing is useful mostly because of how proliferate facebook itself is).

    Maybe a year or so ago I would've said I was big on posting stuff or commenting on stuff but that isn't really something I do anymore. I think I burned out around august-september last year.

    Instead I've been much more active on twitter because, while I do find it a bit frustrating or overly negative at times (raining on parades seems to be a big shtich there sometimes) I've also been having a lot of fun interacting with some people I've got to know a bit there lately, and it's really a very useful source of news, information or just cool little things I might not see elsewhere.

  • DarmakDarmak RAGE vympyvvhyc vyctyvyRegistered User regular
    I mostly just use Facebook to talk about how awesome my life is and how cute my wife and I are together and to show off the delicious food we're eating at that moment and all the places we travel to. Making everyone I know feel bad and jealous is my jam.

  • AnzekayAnzekay Registered User regular
    In truth my real reason for using social media is to post cat photos.

    That's it, really.

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  • NijaNija Registered User regular
    I use social media sites to get Plaintiff's to settle for a lot less.

    People, please (don't) stop being dumb and posting stupid stuff.

    Also, please (don't) keep leaving your security settings wide open, so any random person can view all of everything in your feed.

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  • DarmakDarmak RAGE vympyvvhyc vyctyvyRegistered User regular
    Anzekay wrote: »
    In truth my real reason for using social media is to post cat photos.

    That's it, really.

    Oh yeah, I also post lots of pictures of our cats because cats are the best.

  • Desert LeviathanDesert Leviathan Registered User regular
    edited January 2015
    Facebook: I only registered a Facebook account to camp my name, in case I ever become famous and need to use it for business purposes. I have a message making it clear that I don't check the account, and won't be responding to friend invites. That's all that's on it. The last time I logged in, I had over 3,500 unread messages, because my mom kept mentioning me in posts, thus exposing me to her massive globe-spanning network of friends.

    Tumblr: I use Tumblr for my art blog, because it was the first such service that popped to mind when I was thinking of starting an art blog, and now it's comfortable and familiar. Mostly I follow other artists so I can study their techniques, or people who post a lot of 3rd party art. But very few people run tumblrs that stay totally on a single topic, so a lot of news and social justice posts wind up on my dashboard too. It's been enlightening, but I've had to take a couple breaks from it, because the feed was getting a little too full of bad news for me to handle. Tumblr is also weird for me because I seem to be at least a decade older than the standard demographic, and it's unsettling finding out that someone I followed for sweet Batman art is a high school kid in real life.

    Pinterest: I had a Pinterest account for about three days. It was full of Batman, and Sexy Fitness Ladies (officially, as "motivation to work out"...). I discontinued use when I realized that if you printed it out and hung it from my wall, it would look like your standard Serial Killer Obsession Wall from a TV Police Procedural. All it needed was bits of colored yarn linking thumbtacks from one pic to another, and satellite surveillance photos of fitness model Jamie Eason's house.

    Twitter: I use Twitter for following independent creators mainly. If someone uses twitter to promote new merchandise for their webcomic, or let me know when they've uploaded a new youtube video, I'm all for it. If they use it as a chat service, I unfollow. I've grown fond of Twitter's post limits as a writing exercise though, because I have a really hard time being concise (YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED). Like, I don't ever tweet anything myself, but I often set myself an arbitrary character limit before trying to express a thought elsewhere that's important enough that I don't want people skimming past it.

    Forums: I used to pretty much live on the forums for the Classic World of Darkness and Exalted game lines. But over a span of more than 15 years, I got pretty fed up with the community. I registered here almost six years ago, but only moved from Lurker to Poster right around when I abandoned the White-Wolf forums. I also lurk the Giant In The Playground (Order of the Stick webcomic) forums and the Steve Jackson Games (GURPS) forums, but rarely post.

    Other: I still have an AOL account, with the associated AIM screen name and profile and crap. This is mostly because that email address is over 20 years old, and I'm not going to abandon that until spammers overwhelm it. I also have a Bebo profile, because that was the AOL profile partner for a while, but it sounds like they're restructuring that for mobile now, and flushing all the old profiles down the toilet. Which is probably for the best, because 99% of them seem to have been used for AOL's surprisingly thriving community of Erotic Anime Roleplayers.

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  • VeldrinVeldrin Sham bam bamina Registered User regular
    I mostly use facebook and twitter to post silly nonsense and generally act like a weirdo.

  • GvzbgulGvzbgul Registered User regular
    Facebook's good because it's much harder to lose someone's facebook than it is to lose someone's phone number, also people change their facebook less than they change their email.

  • StericaSterica Yes Registered User, Moderator mod
    I have a remote that is set to delete all my social media accounts upon triggering.

  • AphostileAphostile San Francisco, CARegistered User regular
    Social media to me is just another thing to browse occasionally and tell me updates about my friends when we're not hanging out.

    I don't really give it it any priority and to me it's really not worth getting worked up about. I don't understand people that blow it way out of proportion but I can sympathize that we're just different people. The whole Facebook negative posts vs positive posts being shown to users didn't even register as odd to me for that reason. "Just another A/B test" in my mind.

    Also, I don't really use it but Twitter is a great way to yell at companies that have done something ridiculous or given you bad service.

    Nothing. Matters.
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  • FishmanFishman Put your goddamned hand in the goddamned Box of Pain. Registered User regular
    I've never had a Facebook. The marginal value just seemed really low. On the other hand, I've also fallen out of contact with many old friends, who seem to use it as the principle platform for contact. But I don't really want to share much about myself, and don't really want to be updated about others all that much, so I don't really feel like missing out.

    I am on twitter, the primary purpose of which is to get updates on the status of my son when he's out and about with grandparents. I also follow a grab bag of friends and people who post or retweet stuff interesting to me. I feel like I should be following more people from the boards soemtimes, but at the same time sometimes it just feels too much like e-stalking and weird to be so... personal.

    I think we take the benefit of privacy for granted, sometimes, and have devalued it's worth by dilution via social media, where not sharing every little thing is 'weird' or 'unusual'. Let me have some mystery, people, and leave me some more to find out about you.

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  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    jgeis wrote: »
    I was really surprised by Facebook the other day, I guess that their questionable content rules don't cover images of dead people? Someone shared an image of some dead terrorists and I was like "I genuinely don't want to see dead bodies on my feed." So I reported the image, and Facebook ended up telling me it didn't violate any rules or appear questionably graphic. Given the post/image had no purpose but (what I consider) promoting false patriotism and glorifying killing I thought they would remove it.

    I once reported a picture of a woman who had been violently beaten with some kind of "should have been in the kitchen" or whatever meme label on it. Does Not Violate Any Rules.

    Fuck facebook.

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  • CreaganCreagan Registered User regular
    I find social media to be enjpyable when I'm seeking out specific content. So like of Facebook, I don't really read my newsfeed. Instead, I go on specific facebook pages. My old RH regularly posts hilarious things his kids do and say, and then there are some public Overheard at _________ college/university pages that are pretty funny.

    On Twitter, I don't read my feed. I go to specific people's twitter pages and read the updates there.

    On Tumblr, I generally stick to the Knitting, Budgie, and Bookshelves tags.

    The common theme here is that I almost never post or update social media stuff. I'm trying to change that though.

  • JayKaosJayKaos Registered User regular
    I waste far more time here than on Facebook or Twitter, if anything I should spend more time there communicating with people I actually know.

    Though my Twitter account is currently only set to follow my parents and Andrew WK.

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  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
    Many people who I used to know use Facebook, and in that it is useful to me

    Especially since "everyone I used to know" is now identical to the pie chart of "people who do not live on Formosa island".

  • Centipede DamascusCentipede Damascus Registered User regular
    seriously, all the terrible things in the world that circulate on social media and make you feel bad if you don't re-share it

    it's really hard to take sometimes

    it's like the old "share if you love Jesus" stuff but so much worse because it's real stuff

    mainly I just update Twitter with what I'm reading and sometimes I share news stories and talk to people

    I like tumblr because it's fun to share memes and fan art and stuff

  • VeldrinVeldrin Sham bam bamina Registered User regular
    You're not obliged to share anything.

  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
    I am not going to share something that I have not done research on to make sure it isn't bullshit, and I do not have time to research 98% of things I see on the facebooks.

    Problem solved.

  • XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular
    I post on the facebooks and here.

    that'll do.

  • Centipede DamascusCentipede Damascus Registered User regular
    Veldrin wrote: »
    You're not obliged to share anything.

    yes I know that intellectually

    emotionally is a whole different story

  • InquisitorInquisitor Registered User regular
    I like Facebook for touching bases with all the people I became friends with in Japan. It is also nice for events.

    I pretty much never post to my wall or read things from other people's walls.

    And then this place is how I keep up with video games.

  • UnbrokenEvaUnbrokenEva HIGH ON THE WIRE BUT I WON'T TRIP ITRegistered User regular
    Veldrin wrote: »
    You're not obliged to share anything.

    yes I know that intellectually

    emotionally is a whole different story

    not giving a fuck about blatantly manipulative social media bullshit gets easier each time you do it

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  • denihilistdenihilist Ancient and Mighty Registered User, Moderator mod
    I'm getting really active on my old friendster account...oh wow, friendster is a completely new thing now. weird.

  • BarcardiBarcardi All the Wizards Under A Rock: AfganistanRegistered User regular
    edited January 2015
    I never installed the facebook app on my phone, I don't even have email on my phone, and i put my phone on full silent NO VIBRATE. So my phone now just illuminates whenever someone calls or texts me. Been doing this for about a year.

    Those three things have really helped my life. Not having those on my phone has actually made me care less to check them when I get home. Its just a once in the AM once or twice in the PM now. Now people just understand that I don't get back to them right away, it takes a while, sometimes even an hour before i respond to a text. What was super strange though is for like the first 6 months I had phantom vibrations in my leg, I kept checking my phone thinking someone was calling or texting me. That iphone vibrate really gets in your brain.

    Barcardi on
  • godmodegodmode Southeast JapanRegistered User regular
    I only look at Twitter for two things: nedroid and craptaxidermy

  • BarcardiBarcardi All the Wizards Under A Rock: AfganistanRegistered User regular
    edited January 2015
    Twitter is great for various insane posts by football players, when restaurants are running specials and happy hour, food truck locations, and random philosophical rants by modern philosophers... who might also be football players.

    Seriously though, twitter is key for proper food truck locations.

    Barcardi on
  • LadaiLadai Registered User regular
    It occurred to me recently that, as of last September, I have been on Facebook for 10 years now. I don't really have any specific thoughts about that, but it was kind of a weird thing to think about.

    I only just recently started a Twitter account -- my editors demanded it as a way of increasing the page views (uhg) of my articles.

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