League of Leguends LCS Viewing Party

HelloCthulhuHelloCthulhu Registered User new member

The EU/NA will begin the weekend of Pax South! I was wondering if anyone has organized anything to get together to watch the matches Thursday through Sunday. It would be great to have other League of Legends fans get together to discuss and enjoy the beginning of the 2015 season.


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    kyan22kyan22 Tucson,azRegistered User regular
    I'm sure my husband will join you guys.he plays LOL

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    Ryan PeaseRyan Pease Registered User regular
    Ill be at PAX south so not sure when ill be able to watch haha, if there's a meetup or something ill be happy to join.
    Email me at Ryan.Pease1996@gmail.com

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    Skylar149Skylar149 Registered User regular
    I'm totally up for having a viewing party but I'm only there for the Saturday event due to traveling stuff. Don't know how it would work out but sounds like a fun idea.

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