Bulk purchasing tools? (paleontology)

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My google-fu is failing to find what I'm looking for. I want to provide 100+ students with hammer and chisel for fossils. They can be cheap and not specific to the task if it keeps cost down- more of a proof of concept for them. Price depending they'll be sharing hammer/chisel sets.
I've been looking for what seems like forever, but don't know enough about this world and the providers to know where to look and what to search. Thanks for your help.


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    You may want to check with an Archaeology department and see if they have the hookup.

    Although, I know when I took the Archaeology field school I bought my own trowel and file.

    I presume you mean younger students though?

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    look for masons hammer or bricklayers hammer to get one with the point on the back side. As for chisle I'd specify 'stone'.
    But Alibaba has everything, and lets you filter by MOQ so you don't get stuck ordering 500. I'd stick with the 'gold' suppliers just because they are slightly more vetted.

    also order some of these:


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    I've dealt with Alibaba.com for bulk wholesale stuff at a few jobs. They've got hammers and chisels, but I had trouble finding cheap options with a minimum order size less than 500-1000 units.

    Contact hardware stores in your area, particularly ones that aren't part of national chains and tell them you're interested in pricing a bulk special order. Big chains will screw you over, but smaller chains may cut you a deal since they're basically just cutting you into a shipment. Locally owned are easier still to get these deals with, since chances are good the owner will be in the loop and can suspend the rules for a quick easy buck.

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    Thank you! They popped up on the search, but I wasn't sure if they were trustworthy or not.

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    Sharp10r wrote: »
    Thank you! They popped up on the search, but I wasn't sure if they were trustworthy or not.

    Alibaba doesn't actually sell anything. Its just a site that lets wholesalers/manufacturers in China list stuff for sale. They do do some standards of diligence on the "gold members", but its pretty basic-make sure there is an actual company at that location registered with Chinese government. The other thing to look for is ISO certs, if they are issued by a non Chinese agency.

    Alibaba also had this trade assurance thing, which is new since I looked at them last.

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    Do expect to have some hassle with shipping a hundred hammers over. It will probably be routine for the supplier but you may be asked for some paperwork you aren't really familiar with.

    Also remember shipping is going to be a considerable cost in this. Typically you buy stuff and from manufacturers you buy it "on the dock" which is the back door of the factory. Transport beyond that is a charge.

    Finally, there will be some import duties according to random site I just checked. It does say if you keep it under $200 you're fine though. Something to keep in mind.

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    There may also be an educational exemption on duties if you have non-profit status.

    If you are getting quotes from them get it quoted CIF. This covers transport to the port of your choosing. Which for goofy reasons doesn't actually mean where the ship unloads. for example we get stuff quoted CIF Chicago all the time, which means stuff gets cross loaded from a ship to rail, and then goes through customs in Chicago. So depending where you are and what kind of transport you have access to shipping may not be much at all.


    Covers the various terms for what level of shipping/transport/customs each party is responsible for.

    We use M E Dey as our freight forwarder / customs broker at work and their prices are pretty reasonable from what I understand.

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