PAX and the older gamer

ArtoriaArtoria Registered User regular
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This is my first PAX and my first con in several years. I don't want say I'm old but I'm staring at 40 this year (although everyone tells me I look younger). I was wondering how open, accepting PAX is to those of us who had and Atari and transitioned to the NES as a kid.

How many other older gamers are going to be there this weekend? Also what is the general thought of, for lack of a better term the younger con goers of us older folks?

Looking forward to this weekend and see you all there!

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    zealezeale Saint LouisRegistered User regular
    There are lots lots lots of gamers your age and beyond that attend PAX. You'll be just fine!


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    OpSteelOpSteel neighbor of the village pindiot Fort Worth TEXASRegistered User regular
    I'm right there with you. You won't be the only old guy there :-)

    I have a feeling I am going to feel really old around some of these kids, but I bet they can't beat Blaster Master.

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    ragnarok628ragnarok628 Registered User regular
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    Blaster Master! :P I was super young when I played that, don't think I did ever beat it...

    But anyway you'll be fine. Were plenty of "kids at heart" when I went to prime.

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    japesterjapester Registered User regular
    This PAX is going to be super tiny (new location, first time, etc), so predictions are hard to make about this one specific event. We'll see a lot of locals and first-timers.

    But, speaking as someone with a few PAXes (both East and Prime) under my belt, and in my mid-40's, I can say without a doubt that the PAX crowds have been some of the most welcoming, friendly, and polite I've seen. Much better than the various anime cons and comic cons I've attended. I can't explain why, but that's been my consistent experience. Age doesn't matter. Worst case scenario is you try to talk to younger gamers about perhaps the titles that inspired the games they play now (X-COM, Fallout, etc), and they don't know what you're talking about. But then someone else closer to your age will run up and gush about how much they loved playing the original games, too. LOL

    I took my nephew to his first PAX a couple of years ago, and the very first line we were in, the guy in front of us (who was maybe mid-30's) turned around and introduced himself with a big smile. He then proceeded to ask us what we were most excited to see and he shared his own interests. That kind of thing happens all the time at PAX. You'll have fun.

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    OpSteelOpSteel neighbor of the village pindiot Fort Worth TEXASRegistered User regular
    The thing I have found today is that everyone speaks Pinnys :-)

    And Blaster Master is still one of the hardest games I have played. Need to get a copy of it.

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