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MLB: The Show 14 - Noob questions on Season Mode

E-gongaE-gonga Registered User regular
Hi guys,

My brother got MLB 14: The Show for Christmas and after a couple of exhibition games we decided to launch a season together as the Colorado Rockies. The thing is that we're both English and have little to no knowledge of baseball, and as a result certain aspects of the Season mode are confusing us. If anyone could offer some advice then I'd greatly appreciate it.

1) How do contract renewals work? The contracts of a few players are expiring at the end of the season but I can't see any way of renewing them. I've played around with some of the screens but... nada. Is it an end of season thing only? We're only about ten games into the season so far.

2) We're only playing five inning matches at the moment, and as a result we're only using a few of the pitchers in the squad. I think we have nine pitchers registered in the MLB team but we only use five. Are we able to sack the un-used four and replace them with more outfielders? It would be nice to have a few young players on the bench that we can bring on if we're developing a lead, that way we can give them some experience.

3) While we're on the subject, do young players develop in Season Mode? I've tried Googling it but all I can find is player development tips for something called a Franchise Mode.

4) We have the MLB team and the Triple-A team. My brother and I have been assuming that it works like soccer's reserve team system (ie. MLB is the main team while Triple A is used for youngsters, and maybe one or two Main Team players attempting to regain fitness after injury. In the reserve system players can move freely between the main squad and the reserve squad.) Is this how MLB / Triple A works, roughly? We've dropped a 1st teamer down to Triple A (Pacheco I think) so we're not sure if he'll become unhappy or if he can be poached by other teams since he's not in the MLB team.

4) Oliver Tipton rocks. This isn't a question. We signed him as a free agent and the dude is a Home Run MACHINE.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer, I really appreciate it.


  • JasconiusJasconius sword criminal mad onlineRegistered User regular
    1) I believe it's only during the offseason yes

    2) Proooobably, but don't forget about injuries and potential prospects in that field either.

    3) I haven't played the game in some months but if there is indeed a Franchise mode and you're not playing it then you might not even get to experience the next season. Franchise mode is traditionally the mode where you get multi-year teams and have to worry about player advancement

    4) Yes. If you drop a star or a great player to Triple-A they could potentially demand a trade, but it's really up to you. Players in MLB remain under team control for 6 years from the day they enter the major leagues, given a certain amount of money thrown at them.

    I assume you're playing two player within season mode or something? I can't answer that many details about season mode, because the more universally popular game mode in The Show is "RTTS", where you play one individual player and work your way up through the reserves

  • E-gongaE-gonga Registered User regular
    Thanks for the response.

    I've done some research prior to posting this and apparently Season Mode does continue over multiple seasons, although it lacks a lot of the in-depth features of Franchise Mode (it's been described as Franchise Lite).

    The contracts was the most pressing issue, so it's good to know we can sort it in the off season.

  • schussschuss Registered User regular
    As far as pitchers go, make sure you have a rotation of pitchers so they don't get tired (unless they don't simulate that), as well as pitchers you can put in mid-game.

  • JasconiusJasconius sword criminal mad onlineRegistered User regular
    you want at least 4 starters and 3 relievers. bare minimum

  • lessthanpilessthanpi Registered User regular
    Season mode and Franchise mode don't differ greatly. In franchise mode you're responsible for setting prices and raising enough revenue to cover expenses. Season mode just gives you a budget and you have to get 40 guys singed for what you've got available.

    1) Contract renewals and resigning only happen between seasons. A player with with less than 3 years MLB service time can be renewed near the end of the offseason. Players with 3 to 6 years time can be offered arbitration, which keeps them with your team, and their salaries will be decided in January or February. The team and player both make salary offers and the game decides which to award based on a variety of factors. Anyone with more than 6 years and no contract is a free agent and you'll have to outbid other teams to keep him. Any player regardless of service time can be offered any type of contract. Teams often give higher dollar value 3 or 4 year contracts to top prospects to "buy out" their arbitration years to control costs. You might not want to resign everyone because you'll have draft picks each year, you'll want some free agents, and you can only have 40 people in the organization.

    2) You should be able to send down a pitcher or two to Triple AAA and bring up any position players on the 40 man roster. There's a minimum for the amount of pitchers on the team, but I forget what it is. You can probably go to 7 or 8 pitchers. If you want to really cut back just get about 6 guys with the SP designations as they'll have plenty of stamina to be used regularly in relief. Starters can come in for relief and relievers can start. No restrictions really.

    3) Players mostly develop in the offseason, but their performance in the season has some effect on how much they improve or decline. You'll see some red numbers in their ratings and some green. Red is decline, green is growth. Things like awareness and power change based on hitting while stuff like speed usually doesn't change much during a season.

    4) Anyone in Triple-A is still team controlled. There are "options" however. A player can only be sent down 3 times in his career without repercussions. If a player is out of options he can only be sent to Triple-A by clearing waivers, another team could claim him while on waivers. If I remember correctly, most young players would rather play everyday in the minors than sit on the bench in the majors. If you look at the player card there's some indication of morale.

  • E-gongaE-gonga Registered User regular
    Thanks LessThanPi! That's brilliant, exactly the info I needed!

    Me and my brother will have to get a notepad handy and start deciding which players to keep and which to let go.

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