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  • ChincymcchillaChincymcchilla Registered User regular
    I did it a few months ago in the say nice things thread

    but I consider dang near everybody on here a friend and a lot of you role models

    you guys rock

    I have a podcast about Power Rangers:Teenagers With Attitude | TWA Facebook Group
  • PlatyPlaty Registered User regular
    Veldrin wrote:

    This encapsulates my posting style perfectly

  • PsykomaPsykoma Registered User regular
    Veldrin wrote: »
    Opinions ripped my flesh!

    Please see inside...

    @ Psykoma -

    I endeavor to be as excited and/or exciting as that girl.

  • StaleStale Registered User regular
    I'm old and grumpy and shaking my cane at all of you. I'm also at work so I have to keep shooing people out of my damn office so I can build more Lego.

    @Munkus Beaver A Brother who knows pain like few others. Monica and I speak of you often. Your struggle is not in vain.

    @Raijin Quickfoot a good dad. I respect that.

    @Fyndir An adorable English Giant.

    @Metalbourne Lady, we need to hang out and maybe do a little breath play. Or just get dinner and share stories. God Damn snapchat for locking my account.

    @Brogey Next Dirty-South, I'd love you to come out.

    @Usagi Dinner. Drinks. Smooches. Pastries. More smooches. More drinks. Public nudity. Police. Running into an alley. Mom? More drinks. Spanking. Apartment. Smooches on smooches. Hitachi. More pastries. Cab. Airport. More smooches. Portugal? Tapas. Seaside villa. More smooches. Tattoos? Airport. Smooches. 3-hour layover makeouts in the VIP lounge. Mile High club. Home. Awesome weekend.

    @lostwords I miss you

    @tynic I love this lady. This lady needs to come back to ATL. This lady got a body like damn and a wit to match.

    @Tam Not a single day goes by that people do not comment on your artwork on my hands. Not. A. Single. Day. They are two of my favorite things in this world.

    @Vivixenne I miss you, but I am so happy to see your life unfolding as it has.

    @Abracadaniel I'm genuinely happy to see your life turning around and heading in a positive direction.

    @#pipe Best Hugs. Seriously.

    @Javen Take good care of my forum wife. I'm entrusting you with this duty.

    @Stale Unrepentant Asshole.

    @cabsy I am certain you exist. I am glad for it.

    @Sheri My forum Wife, and the person in Florida I love the most. I miss your stupid face.

    @Blake T A gentleman and a scholar. Here's to you.

    @Lost Salient is one of the best people. <3 Stupid snapchat, gimmie my account back.

    @Fishman is worth planning a vacation to NZ just to shake his hand.

    @Tonkka is the best possible person to sit on a rainy patio and get drunk with.

    @Rankenphile Matt is living proof that working your ass off towards a goal is worth it. Salute.

    @DrZiplock My Brother, thicker than blood, we need to start talking again. Better yet, we need to just get together more. "Miss you" doesn't quite cover it.

  • Calamity JaneCalamity Jane That Wrong Love Registered User regular
    DrZiplock wrote: »
    So, I filled out about as much as I'm going to. See, the thing is, if we interact and I didn't have you on this list...I'm sorry. I think that you're all amazing people and it's a reason I've been a member of this community since...I think 2006. I just couldn't take the time to really sit down and get to everyone.

    But I love you all. Mostly.
    @Munkus Beaver - Don't talk much these days, but the fact that you're still around to talk at all is pretty impressive. Disease, tornadoes, etc. Try not to get sicker if possible, amigo. Also...cops still can't "guess" that someone is going over the speed limit ;)

    @Raijin Quickfoot - Fellow Giants fan. Which means he's a sad sack, just like me, but it's're a standup fellow.

    @FAQ - I miss the days of following you from thread to thread to give you endless shit, ya damn goose. But still, aside from a creepy spider avatar, you're good people.

    @Odin - Damn you and your ridiculously good looking face.

    @Langly - Since you've moved it's not like we're seeing a whole lot of each other these days, but I hope that you're doing well, man. The lengths that you are willing to go on behalf of your family is impressive and you're a rock star for just being who you are. Though, I will say, I think Carlos misses you.

    @Grey Ghost - If you were in front of me and dropped your ice cream on the ground I would probably stare down at it with you...and then laugh at your lack of ice cream. You pull off the "hi, I'm handsome" thing well and seem to be a gentlemen of high caliber from all our various interactions. ...except that time when you called me an asshole over text.

    @Metalbourne - Don't know much about ya beyond what I hear from Usagi, ma'am. And while we don't interact a whole hell of a lot, her endorsement says that you're pretty awesome. Cheers!

    @Naphtali - I'm having a hard time remember any direct interaction with you HOWEVER...we always seem to agree or awesome similar posts. The world clearly needs more people like us. EDIT - Fuck me, I'm an idiot. You were one of the best god damn Secret Satans I've ever had. I've been using so many of the things that you sent my way. Seriously...out of this god damn world. And sorry for not putting this out there earlier (and in the first draft of this), but I had your real name associated with the gifting and it just dawned on me that oh, uh..THANKS!

    @Brogey - Ah, Bogey. Right...dude, I miss you. Consistently one of the best hangouts that there is and just a damn fine guy. Rarely is someone so quick to smile and laugh as you are, my friend. We don't talk much aside from when we're in the same city, but I hope that we both know that "hey, I'm in town...let's hang out" is enough to bring either of us running. I hope that I see you again soon. My best to the lady as well.

    @Usagi - Right. I don't have enough space for you here. You're one of my best friends, a wind in the right direction when I'm getting close to the rocks, and there is nothing that I wouldn't do for you. I don't feel like crying at work, so you're just going to have to understand what you mean to me. Thank you.

    @lostwords - You went and got yourself a GIRLFRIEND and thus we don't see you much these days. Though, to be fair, if we wanted to see you in the old days we'd have to be the ones to plan it anyway. I may give you a fairly unrelenting amount of shit over things like cupcakes and movies, etc...but you're a good guy, bud.

    @tynic - The global nomadic mad robotic scientist with hair and flair that just won't quit. Gotten to know you a great deal more over the last year and change and am very happy to have done so. Let's not wait too long until we get another drink.

    @vsove - Works damn hard and gets it done doing something that he loves. Man, you're all over it. Our professional paths haven't yet crossed, but I hope that they will someday. You'll get a hug and not a handshake from the word go.

    @Tam - Hell of an artist and your avatar never fails to make me laugh. Also, you're a solid poster. Also're the guy that drew some badass ink for my brother from another mother, Stale. Well done, you.

    @ASimPerson - The cataloger of all things forum battles...back when those were a thing. I've never seen you speak ill of anyone here and you're usually one of the first to throw down an offer of help in the job thread. Huzzah!

    @Veldrin - My beard will never be as lush as your own. My jawline never as defined. Nor will I have the creative energy necessary to bust out a valentine's day dance video to "there's something in the water"...yes, I still remember. Keep on keeping on, you marvelous man.

    @Vivixenne - got pretty damn married this year. So congrats on that! We don't talk as much as we once did...what with life happening and all that. But you're pretty damn quick with the offer of an ear and advice - which is pretty generous of you. I wish you well and hope that everything keeps coming up Viv.

    @Poorochondriac - How come we don't play video games together anymore? We should get back to that as fun times were often had.

    @Calamity Jane - Well, you help out women's shelters and children's hospitals. You love Corgis. You're friends with Kate. And really, every time we've interacted, at least on a professional level, you've been awesome to work with. Cheers to you!

    @Abracadaniel - My man, sometimes you make some goosey life choices, but it would seem that now that you're out of the hell of your last job that things are picking up and heading in the right direction. Though, I'd recommend laying off the coffee. It'll stunt your growth.

    @#pipe - Don't think that I don't remember that I owe you, brother. I've been trying to dig myself out of this pit and I just haven't pulled your stuff together yet. Though, I will likely need your services again soon. All that said, my world is better knowing that you're in there. You helped out my girl in a huge way and we shall have to drink again together soon. I need a Selfy-Hug.

    @Javen - A guy moves to FL to be with his best friend turned girlfriend and he pretty much disappears. I don't blame you, dude. I'm damn happy to see that life seems to be treating you well - even if your shifts end up all over the place.

    @Stale - My brother. You got a new gig so we haven't been talking every day, but you should know that I miss it. Your words have gotten me through some rather rough times and I hope that in the future I'll actually be getting some of the tattooed onto myself as a reminder. I miss you, man. Let's be sure that we keep on planning some kind of run on the bikes before well...your legs get the better of you. Oh and I should mention, that Joel and I talk about you enough when we're chilling with my folks that my mom regularly asks about how you're doing. ...stay the fuck away from my mother.

    @The Geek - You tend to ping me on FB just as I'm logging off or stepping away from my desk. Sorry about that. I don't mean to be a dick. Safe to assume that we'll see you at Prime again this year? Maybe?

    @Sheri - YAY Disney!

    @Blake T - Stylish bastard who ended up getting the girl. Dude...well done! Please do not fall down from any high places.

    @Lost Salient - Hm. Where to start? You're a god damn firecracker and rock star rolled into one. Your sense of style leaves many in its wake, while you have one of the best smiles around. I'm thrilled to hear that Austin is treating you well, though I will say that VA missed you too. Here's to you, darling!

    @Shazkar Shadowstorm - I gotta say, I'm a bit torn on you, man. There are times when you're posts look like they are written by an indecisive 14 year old girl and then there are times when you're sticking to your fitness goals and pulling down new jobs at startups. I honestly do root for you and have since you were getting out of school and looking for the job, but damn've got the brains and capabilities...just trust in yourself a bit more. And use full real words in your posts.

    @Tonkka - I see you once a year and it isn't enough. I need more Tonkka in my life. And less nachos. So that way you can sit and we can have a beer together.

    @NightDragon - I recognized your name from AC where I used to lurk and just look at the pretty pretty pictures. Now I'm seeing it around SE more and more and I think that is a very good thing. You're trapped in Boston under some snow right now and that kinda sucks, but it's good seeing you posting around these parts.

    @Rankenphile - Brother and damn fine man. You busted your ass so hard to get into gaming and've published a game! And it's fucking awesome! Man, I couldn't be prouder of you. I was overjoyed that we got to chill in Seattle this year and I hope to get to do it again soon. Keep the faith and you know damn well I've got your back.

    @JoeUser - Are you the nicest guy on the boards? You very likely might be. Poster of the year for something like 3 years running now. Maybe longer. Actually...much longer. You have interview lemurs and new job red pandas and just, you're truly one of the great ones.

    @DrZiplock - Asshole

    @Zonugal - Few people embrace themselves as much as you. I will say that while it's not my particular cup of tea, I respect the hell out of it. Looks like you've also managed to find yourself a slice of awesome when it comes to jobs. Congrats again.

    @The Otaku Suppository - I see you, what? Once a year? And it's a good time and we're usually drunk. That MIGHT have something to do with it. Maybe, just maybe. ...see you in a few weeks.

    @beavotron - You're killing it out in LA. Your professional and personal works are out of this world and I'm a big admirer of them. TG has sent a few people out to your studio and I have yet to hitch a ride on it, but I hope to at some point. Keep on shining on, you crazy diamond.

    @Ominous Lozenge - Worst DM ever. But beyond that, he's actually a pretty good person who without hesitation has offered assistance and help. Excellent opinions regarding food and beers as well.

    (none of those things are true about me)

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  • MetalbourneMetalbourne Inside a cluster b personalityRegistered User regular
    BRB hitchhiking to stale's house

  • PlatyPlaty Registered User regular
    Stale wrote: »
    Fyndir An adorable English Giant.

    You beeeetter change this quickly

    Mr FuzzbuttHermanoSlacker71
  • NaphtaliNaphtali Hazy + Flow SeaRegistered User regular
    edited February 2015
    Jane I don't remember having you for a secret satan but I'm slowly losing my memory so anything's possible

    The ones I remember are plut, zonugal, wombat! and drzip

    ahaha I'm such a clod, nevermind

    Naphtali on
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  • PlatyPlaty Registered User regular
    Stale wrote: »
    Fyndir An adorable English Giant.

    You beeeetter change this quickly

    Remember when the giants last crossed the sea? Seemed like the battles would never end. Poor folk like myself had nary a place to sleep!

  • PsykomaPsykoma Registered User regular

    (none of those things are true about me)

    Guessing he mixed you up with Jamie from PA.

  • DrZiplockDrZiplock Registered User regular
    edited February 2015
    DrZiplock wrote: »
    So, I filled out about as much as I'm going to. See, the thing is, if we interact and I didn't have you on this list...I'm sorry. I think that you're all amazing people and it's a reason I've been a member of this community since...I think 2006. I just couldn't take the time to really sit down and get to everyone.

    But I love you all. Mostly.

    (none of those things are true about me)

    ...because I very much (and without intent to insult) just confused you with another forumer of very similar name.

    See, the thing for you is that I'm glad that you seem to be in a much better place than about a year ago. Also, you have fairly badass hair that you seem to braid a bunch into fun patterns/styles.

    And I still feel like a goose for getting those two names swapped in my head. Sorry about, lady!

    DrZiplock on
    "zip, i dunno what it is about you, but there's something very cat-like about your face. i can't really place it. you'd make a good mountain lion." Hail, Satan! Satans Post
  • SolarSolar Registered User regular
    edited February 2015
    Lets do some of these shall we?

    @Chincymcchilla - It feels to me that you joined the forums not to long ago, or maybe I only recently started to interact with you? Either way you are one of my favourite people on here, with a good sense of humour and strong passions regarding subjects you feel are important. Our tastes are very different but you have a sharp critical mind and a good heart and so I will always value your opinions, the heated debates we've had in the past only make me respect your forthright and honest nature.

    @Grey Ghost - We have a lot of shared interests and that's caused us to interact quite a bit, but your open and genuine interest in so many subjects regardless of your own experience with them, and your very easy going and friendly nature, is why I value your presence on the forums so much.

    @Blankzilla - I dunno what I can say which hasn't already been said to you by me before. I have been a miserable bastard recently but you are always willing to be enthusiastic and excited about things with me despite my occasional stormy days. I know you've had a heavy emotional time with your family in recent-ish times, and I will straight up always be there for you if you need someone.

    @-Tal - It's been often that we've held very opposing views on a subject, but you have a sharp and insightful mind when it comes to the media that we often talk about. You seem to have rather an odd sense of humour, as I also have an odd sense of humour I think we can often appreciate the same thing, and also find some things not funny, which is nice as that doesn't happen with many people in my experience.

    @Melding - Your wit is vey dry, my friend, and I often think that you use it to mask a hidden discomfort on some matters, which I can understand and sympathise with, though obviously for different reasons. I always appreciate your input, though, because it's usually quite funny. I used to find the runs of posts between you and Dichotomy pretty hilarious at times, if you still are in contact with Dich give them my best.

    @Metzger Meister - You are a lot smarter, a lot more insightful, and have a lot more reasons to be confident and strong in your opinions than I get the impression you think you do. Be proud, and if you are actually a lot prouder than you seem to be, then that is good!

    @Zonugal - We share a taste for the darkly dramatic and the intellectually convoluted, I think. You like philosophy and introspection, we don't agree all that often on such things, but I always like to argue with you as you take to such debates with a great faith and gusto.

    Solar on
  • PlatyPlaty Registered User regular
    No one should feel compelled to write anything next to my name just because they think they have to

    Just putting this out there!

  • ChincymcchillaChincymcchilla Registered User regular
    Dear ms. chilla:

    Today I was on someones favorite list

    suck it

    I have a podcast about Power Rangers:Teenagers With Attitude | TWA Facebook Group
  • FyndirFyndir Registered User regular
    Stale wrote: »
    Fyndir An adorable English Giant.

  • Calamity JaneCalamity Jane That Wrong Love Registered User regular
    Munkus Beaver - picture of Beaver. we haven't interacted a whoollle bunch lately
    Raijin Quickfoot - you strike me as someone who isn't allergic to nuts. thats not a euphemism
    Fyndir - foobop, fibblestug
    Platypus Beirut - Pleggin Flob Bee Rut
    FAQ - now that's a furry
    Odin - maybe a fury i dont know
    Chincymcchilla - caged pet or armenian noodle dish? u decide
    Brainleech - spooky
    Tox - i bet you've gone to a barcade before
    Peter Ebel - i bet you hate chicken dishes. sometimes they can be served with mustard, on a sub? maybe that's where you went wrong
    Langly - i do not share langly's values
    joshofalltrades - i do not share langly's values
    Bluedude152 - probably a furry.
    Brolo - resisting the urge to say yolo. hrrrm...shmolo
    Rhesus Positive - i bet you enjoy water chestnuts
    Peccavi - the pectormous, next to the slectamorus. its right here *points to the fibulous*
    Bobkins Flymo - i feel like if there was a mod that has sucked more dick than whippy, we are
    Grey Ghost - you probably enjoy barbecue a lot
    The Cheat - you dont strike me as the barbecue sort
    Crwth - IS not a FURRY because THAT IS A SIN
    Mrpaku - we met many moons ago
    Johnham - if your fursona is a pig, is that strictly speaking "furry" i mean they got that weird human skin
    Huntera - huntera is a guy okay
    Anzekay - the ol' anzekay grab
    Halos Nach Tariff - the name of my Original Star Wars Extended Universe Character
    YaYa - again, in lieu of saying yolo i should say....Bohkoe
    Psykoma - you have great taste in dresses
    Blankzilla - you love horrible comics, but then, i can't wholly lay the blame on you given how bad comics have become. you should read french comics, i think you'd like them
    Thetheroo - the oft forgotten kangaroo jack sequel
    Centipede Damascus - hi nick
    SCREECH OF THE FARG - is this a euphemism for farting
    Hermano - is this a euphemism for Gus Fring
    Virgil_Leads_You - Iron Sheik joke
    Metalbourne - i will now kink shame you
    Naphtali - Magic The Gathering Character?
    Skeith - s'hova
    Peen - you think youre so clever with that name buddy. ol'e peen THAT ISNT THE NAME YOUR MOTHER GAVE YOU
    DaMoonRulz - its okay
    rhylith - woodland creature
    Theodore Floosevelt - vince gilligan eating a pickle and it getting on his mustache
    Mortal Sky - immortal ocean?
    fightinfilipino - history proves while it is not palatable, i am nearly always right in the end
    Uriel - sowl weeper
    Stilts - Stilt Man
    Brogey - every take a second and imagine bogey's sonic the hedgehog fanon universe OC. go ahead. I'll wait. i think he'd be a bird
    facetious - please dont punch me but i have trouble remembering you but in my defense ive done a lot of drugs
    I Win Swordfights - dont let whippy make you a gay girl *makes morse code message to whippy that secret mission is a go*
    Usagi - whenever i go back out west i want to get drunk and hit on you is that okay
    lostwords - nino!
    JebusUD - beebus, not to be confused with Bangbus
    tynic - nice hair, abject anger face
    a5ehren - very esoteric french science fiction film
    Magic Pink - two in the Magic Stink
    Kwoaru - no fingers inside Kwoaru. unless you know, thats your ballgame. hey no judgements here. this is america
    vsove - bioware writer. i think some of the other bioware writers may be fucking toolbags. i dont know, hard read
    Shen - difficult league of legends character for me
    Xaquin - probably owns fake jewelry
    godmode - probably sells it on etsy
    Nirya - Faaraaar
    Mr Fuzzbutt - you usually are the tipping point for a horrible discussion
    Tam - i want to hug him, i want to kiss him, i dont know if it'd be straight? would it be straight? Some of that Hetero Nonsense
    DarkPrimus - as opposed to Bright Primus
    AtomicTofu - the old bofu
    DHS Odium - the old department of homeland security
    Syphyre - Strange Shape
    Rainfall - possibly
    -Tal - Not Sal, or Fal. possible a pokemon. i lose track of Trans Girl Pokemon vs Robot Trans Girls. who can forget ghost trans girls
    ThatDudeOverThere - no youre here
    ASimPerson - possibly
    Solar - sun. something about playing devils advocate
    Veldrin - Nice Gif. Nice Giraffe
    Vivixenne Nice Husband
    Wimble - Nice Lizard
    Poorochondriac - I Too, Am An Alcoholic
    Peas - is split pea soup any good
    Bucketman - hey bucketman have you ever ate split pea soup
    Calamity Jane - great poster. oof, what a looker. what's that? she got published in Five Out of Ten? #collusion! #IlluminatiConfirmed #PussyDestroyer what a great writer hashtag Branding
    Big Red Tie - hashtag Googly Eyes
    Perrsun - please dont be notch from meincreft
    Kadith - Strange Dog
    Keith - picture of a dog lip syncing drunk in love
    Abracadaniel - picture of a cat
    TrippyJing - Picture Of Saturn
    The Cow King - Picture Of An Udder
    masterofmetroid - ARE YOU, REALLY
    Hjorvarthr - seems like a Master of Metroid
    webguy20 - seems like a master of Web 3.0
    Melding - Seems Decent At Metroid
    see317 - has probably only played metroid on NES
    #pipe - someone said i hit on your girlfriend. this was not true.
    Javen - i bet you eat cornchips
    Dubh - hows living stag treating you
    Slacker71 - definitely has played metroid
    Bendery It Like Beckham - i ate so many of those ramen noodles. i still have that book!
    agoaj - Sherbert Dish
    PaperLuigi44 - Eetsa Me
    Metzger Meister - Eetsa You
    CuvisTheConqueror - not to be confused with seminal film Kull The Conquerer
    Makershot - how are you doing. is eric and you still hanging out
    Clint Eastwood - rap jokes 2012
    cornell - west
    Peewi - herr mun
    Andy Joe - Sandy Toe
    Stale - Is still actually alive and not dead! Like the HIV-AIDS epidemic in America. Coincidence?
    Lalabox - that sounds like a euphemism
    miscellaneousinsanity - that sounds like a euphemism
    The Geek - you eat corndogs. im sure of it
    Karl - you have probably ate hummus before
    cabsy - i bet your hair still looks great
    Bedlam - wash your hair! buddy!
    Dongs Galore - my dick is now smaller, post HRT. its okay, but this is how average people are?
    Sheri - its not a hinge shaped dick, sheri. i feel like sheri would make good pasta dishes. maybe pastries? either/or situation
    Flarne - gotta be a furry
    knitdan - do you knit
    Chimera - do you chime
    Elaro- are you into sailing
    Adus - Are You A Greek Demigod
    Baroque And Roll - do you still live in michigan?
    Ranlin - you strike me as the sort that in enjoys chocolate
    Blake T - nice wife *elbows you in the ribs* AM I RIGHT HEHEHEHEH AM I RIGHT LOOK AT THIS MOTHERFUCKER
    Lost Salient - are you still overseas? i forget how that goes.
    Fishman - do you actually enjoy eating fish. do you smell like fish
    monsterror - monsterror the only fish i like is sushi
    Big M Langstein - is this langly's wrestling alter ego
    Shazkar Shadowstorm - dnd character name
    EmbraceThePing - no, i hate rural internet
    GSM - MSG is apparently good for you now. who knew?
    Tonkka - take it easy on the MSG pal
    Smrtnik - Take it easy on the Metal Gear Solid, Pal
    NightDragon - are you a gay not making a list at all, no never
    Rankenphile - its good to say that game you worked on taking off! my best to you and lindsay
    The Hanged Man - spooky arcana
    ForceVoid - spooky voice
    Xehalus - less vids, but vids nonetheless
    scarlet blvd. - scarlet highway
    Tofystedeth - strange nordic infection
    Rotiart - strange pineapple dish
    JoeUser - good woik soft red panda
    mxmarks - possibly
    DrZiplock - your opinion of me is of someone else, but hey i'll take credit for being a good person (im not a good person)
    spool32- thread
    Magus - magneto
    Oghulk - Thats Neato
    Zonugal - Take a Seato
    The Otaku Suppository - you seem like the sort of person who would say "SJW BULLSHIT"
    Death of Rats - you seem like the sort of person who mourns rats
    Goatmon - ive been unspeakably horrible to you and im sorry for that
    JusticeforPluto - i dont think ive been unspeakably horrible to you
    Beavotron - youre doing well and thats dope
    Gizzy - is your hair frizzy
    Dr. Flamingo - not to be confused with dr. octagon
    Ominous Lozenge - Vicious Organ
    Joolander - lot of phonetics jokes dont seem to make the jump
    Romanian My Escutcheon - I BEG YOUR PARDON
    tugga - i beg your pardon
    ketbra - just between you and me, ketbra, i think that tugga character has sucked a lot of dick
    Lars - lars, make sure ketbra doesnt tell anyone. you have lethal sanction
    Despressperado - you ever eat gator
    stimokolos - have you ever ate snake?
    Zay - are you zot
    Good Looking Fat Guy - i feel like fat twinks are really gonna make a comeback this year

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  • I Win SwordfightsI Win Swordfights all the traits of greatness starlight at my feetRegistered User regular
    Yeah we all know by now fyndir is a proud welshman

    HermanoSlacker71Theodore FlooseveltOdin
  • JohnHamJohnHam Registered User regular
    Nah, a pig's not my fursona. Too genetically similar. At that point I might as well just have sex as a boring-ass homo sapien.


  • PeenPeen Registered User regular
    @Raijin Quickfoot Good dude, I enjoy hanging out in threads with you and hating your pathetic football team. If I'm ever in Minnesota BWA HA HA HA no I can finish, we should hang out.

    @Fyndir you seem like a good dude.

    @Langly Another solid bro, glad when you're in the parent thread, enjoy your sports thread contributions as well.

    @Bobkins Flymo I love Wario as well.

    @Psykoma Seems cool, keeps the Canadian cookie exchange light burning. I appreciate that.

    @Metalbourne Like seemingly most everyone else, I've fucked up the trans thread with dumb posts and I do apologize for that, it's a good thing and I appreciate that you keep doing it.

    @DaMoonRulz Thanks for the tides jerk, now my sand castle is ruined.

    @Brogey Miss you in the lifting thread, mwah mwah

    @Usagi Seems cool, would like to meet and chill with IRL.

    @tynic I follow your tumbles and like your art, I thought you should know.

    @vsove My love for Bioware gets transferred to you, bask in its rosy glow and let your cockles be warmed.

    @Keith We still will get a beer sometime, even though I moved, probably.

    @Hjorvarthr Thank you for continuing to ruin the Bad Predictions league, rest assured that next year your strategy will fail. Whatever it is. I will make sure of it.

    @The Geek I still have my jersey and love it but when I wear it my wife says "you are not wearing that out of the house." I'm wearing her down though.

    @Shazkar Shadowstorm Glad you're still in the lifting thread and around and whatever, you're a good dude.

    @DrZiplock Lapsed cookie exchange participant, for shame sir. Otherwise good dude.

    Anybody I didn't mention, well, you're ok too. I just ain't know you like that.

  • StaleStale Registered User regular
    Fyndir wrote: »
    Stale wrote: »
    Fyndir An adorable English Giant.

    You know, I typed it, cocked my head and went.... you know what? no. That'll do pig, that'll do.

  • LarsLars Registered User regular
    edited February 2015
    Veldrin wrote: »

    I do feel this sums up some of my posts fairly well.

    Lars on
  • DaMoonRulzDaMoonRulz Mare ImbriumRegistered User regular
    Peen wrote: »
    @DaMoonRulz Thanks for the tides jerk, now my sand castle is ruined.

    I was just jealous because your sand castle was so much better than mine :cry:


  • Grey GhostGrey Ghost Registered User regular
    Hey! I do love barbecue!

  • Grey GhostGrey Ghost Registered User regular
    Like it might be the only thing I love

  • DaMoonRulzDaMoonRulz Mare ImbriumRegistered User regular
    Grey Ghost wrote: »
    Like it might be the only thing I love

    Batman the Animated Series?


  • StericaSterica Yes Registered User, Moderator mod
    Bobkins Flymo - i feel like if there was a mod that has sucked more dick than whippy, we are
    I can't tell if you mean literally or figuratively.

    Maybe both?

  • TofystedethTofystedeth Registered User regular
    DaMoonRulz wrote: »
    Peen wrote: »
    @DaMoonRulz Thanks for the tides jerk, now my sand castle is ruined.

    I was just jealous because your sand castle was so much better than mine :cry:
    Stop trying to build sandcastles. Build regolith castles!

  • TofystedethTofystedeth Registered User regular
    Tofystedeth - strange nordic infection
    Sounds about right.

  • Grey GhostGrey Ghost Registered User regular
    DaMoonRulz wrote: »
    Grey Ghost wrote: »
    Like it might be the only thing I love

    Batman the Animated Series?

    Okay but that's it

  • DaMoonRulzDaMoonRulz Mare ImbriumRegistered User regular
    Grey Ghost wrote: »
    DaMoonRulz wrote: »
    Grey Ghost wrote: »
    Like it might be the only thing I love

    Batman the Animated Series?

    Okay but that's it

    You know it's on Amazon Prime, right?


  • Calamity JaneCalamity Jane That Wrong Love Registered User regular
    you can suck dick figuratively?

    twitter michelle patreon michelle's comic book from IMAGE COMICS you can order
  • TallahasseerielTallahasseeriel Registered User regular
    Uriel - sowl weeper
    Hmm yes agreed

  • TrippyJingTrippyJing Moses supposes his toeses are roses. But Moses supposes erroneously.Registered User regular
    Dear ms. chilla:

    Today I was on someones favorite list

    suck it

    "Guess who's on the couch list."

  • WiseManTobesWiseManTobes Registered User regular
    I'm such a wuss, had Opinion for a good minute before chickening out and going census instead!

    So my opinion of everyone wanting an opinion, you are all much braver than I am!

    Steam! Battlenet:Wisemantobes#1508
  • MetalbourneMetalbourne Inside a cluster b personalityRegistered User regular
    I'm such a wuss, had Opinion for a good minute before chickening out and going census instead!

    So my opinion of everyone wanting an opinion, you are all much braver than I am!

    I think you're awesome

  • Shazkar ShadowstormShazkar Shadowstorm Registered User regular
    Dr. Ziplock spits the real truth, aka, grow the fuck up Shaz, don't be such a baby (and he is right, I am working on it)

  • StericaSterica Yes Registered User, Moderator mod
    you can suck dick figuratively?
    Anything is possible if you believe!

  • joshofalltradesjoshofalltrades Class Traitor Smoke-filled roomRegistered User regular
    @Munkus Beaver - I'm not intimately aware of everything going on with you but it seems like life has given you a bum rap, but I hope you kick that shit in the teeth and keep on posting here because I think you're swell.

    @Raijin Quickfoot - Another forum dad, we don't post in the same threads much but I appreciate your ability to realtalk instead of just saying what people want to hear. We might never be great friends though because you seem super into sports (kidding).

    @Fyndir - I feel like you and I hit each other's reaction buttons a lot but don't directly interact much. We did play some Zombie Dice together the other night! That was pretty fun. Overall opinion: cool guy.

    @Platypus Beirut - Classy person who I don't have the privilege of talking to much. I think you are across the Atlantic from me?

    @FAQ - A++ dude, Irish if I'm not mistaken?

    @Odin - The most handsome motherfucker on these entire damn forums, and that's saying a lot. Also pretty freakin' hilarious.

    @Chincymcchilla - Potentially the most agreeable person in SE++.

    @Brainleech - I'm not super familiar with you because I think you primarily post in the webcomics thread? You seem nice, though, especially for someone who came from Wyoming at some point. :P

    @Tox - I find myself agreeing with your posts a whole lot, and you are also pretty funny. I appreciate your contributions to the bad joke thread!

    @Peter Ebel - I'm sorry but the only thing I know about you is that you're from Denmark, and even then it's only because I glanced at your profile! We just don't seem to post in the same threads. You've been around for a while though, so you must be doing something right!

    @Langly - I don't remember a time when you weren't around. I'm glad you're one of the forumers who made the transition into a friendlier, less cliquey SE++.

    @joshofalltrades - Fuck this guy.

    @The Betman - Mallory 4 Lyfe (did I get it right?)

    @Bluedude152 - I admire your ability to be outspoken and not sugar-coat things when people are ridiculous.

    @Brolo - Whenever I see Joffrey slow-clapping on a page I'm scanning/skimming, I stop and pay attention. That means something!

    @Rhesus Positive - My counterpart across the pond. I'm secretly super jealous of your ability to immediately respond to something in a way that typically makes me laugh; you're also clearly highly intelligent and sophisticated.

    @Peccavi - I remember the Brain Problems thread you made a few years back, it's one of the threads that really got me posting here in SE++. So, thanks!

    @Bobkins Flymo - How you keep the G&T peoples in line as well as you do, I will never know. You're probably the mod I would most like to get to know better.

    @Grey Ghost - You've got some pretty great opinions about things!

    @the cheat - How have you been around this long and I know virtually nothing about you? You have to be a spy or something.

    @Crwth - Good sir, I will never have a beard like yours and for that I will be endlessly jealous of you.

    @Mrpaku - I'm sorry, I know virtually nothing about you. Please take that as an invitation to post more so I can change that!

    @Johnham - I guess you're one of those east coast people? Maybe I'll get to meet you at PAX East one of these years.

    @Huntera - I think we've played a fighting game or two at some point, and you wrecked me endlessly. We should play Nidhogg sometime though, I think maybe I could be a contender.

    @Anzekay - The most anime. My opinion of you will heavily depend upon who your P4 waifu is. It can range from one to two thumbs up.

    @Halos Nach Tariff - Sadly I have never seen one of your posts in the wild. Please post in places where I can see you post!

    @YaYa - Candidate for best Persona poster 2014

    @Psykoma - I read a post you made recently saying that you were looking through your post history and you used to be a horrible person. I don't remember you being horrible ever, but if it makes you feel better, I think you're pretty rad right now!

    @Blankzilla - I glanced through the Superhero thread and it might as well be called the Blankzilla thread

    @Thetheroo - I remember you having good taste when I used to read the Webcomic threads

    @Centipede Damascus sure has some accurate things to say about politics.

    @SCREECH OF THE FARG - Ffffffffffffffffffgoodposter

    @Hermano - You are hilarious! I always appreciate your bad joke contributions.

    @Virgil_Leads_You - One of my PAX South peeps! :bro: Looking forward to seeing you around next year, too?

    @Metalbourne - You don't take shit from anybody. I admire that about you. Keep on smashing the god damn patriarchy.

    @Naphtali - I feel like we have a similar sense of humor, there were times at PAX where I'd make a joke and I'd see you laugh a bit but nobody else did. Anyway, I'm glad I made somebody laugh consistently, and I'm glad it was you, because you are one rad dude.

    @Skeith is pretty classy, and also finds the best snugglehug pictures/gifs.

    @Peen - Your prison thread last year was pretty great, it's nice to know there are people out there as upset about the current state of affairs as I am. Also, you're cool.

    @DaMoonRulz - You are good people. I appreciate your contributions in virtually every thread I see you post in.

    @rhylith - Jeff is the man. I'm sad I didn't get to see you a whole lot at PAX but I got to pay you back for lunch from a few years back at least! Keep on being awesome.

    @Theodore Floosevelt It's weird, when I look at your profile you haven't posted as much as I thought but I still have a high impression of you. You apparently make it count!

    @Mortal Sky - Man you are basically the constant on these forums for me. Other people come and go and change but you've always been you and it's appreciated. You've been supportive of me since I did a shitty LP of I Wanna Be The Guy! Basically you rock.

    @fightinfilipino - I see your posts and greatly appreciate them but then you disappear and I don't think about you until you make another post I appreciate? You're sort of the Weird Al of the forums in that way.

    @Uriel - I feel like you are too self-deprecating? Basically you should be more confident in yourself because you're cool.

    @Stilts - I will never forget how you were the voice of God at the Girls in Geek Media panel assuring the panelists that their discussion would not leave the room. Also, even though you're cool, you have selected the wrong Persona 4 waifu and are docked 9 points for that, leaving you with an A-.

    @Brogey - Nicest. Mod. Ever.

    @facetious - Smart, funny, cool. 'Nuff said.

    @I Win Swordfights - Someday you will need to teach me how to play fighting games so that I'm not afraid to actually play against people. You're very opinionated but I don't see that as a negative; sometimes people get really wishy-washy at the slightest sign of conflict but you hold firm. It's an admirable trait, and one I unfortunately do not share.

    @Usagi - Jess, I say this in every forumer opinion thread, but you are basically my hero. I wish I had half the style, badassness (that's a word shut up) and sweetness that you do.

    @lostwords - I don't see you around much anymore! Was it something I said?

    @JebusUD - I really liked your nursing home joke.

    @tynic should be famous.

    @a5ehren - I feel like we have disagreed on some minor things in the past and that has taken a spotlight when really we actually agree on a whole lot, but things are boring if we only talk about the things we agree on. So, thank you for being interesting!

    @Magic Pink - Every once in a while you agree or awesome something I did and then I'll wonder why you don't join the conversation! I mean, sometimes you do, but not often enough, I feel. We should chat more often!

    @Kwoaru - We should simulate some tabletops soon.

    @vsove - Not only do you entertain me with your posting, but you also helped create some of my favorite gaming experiences of all time. So, I guess it would be fair to say I have a very high opinion of you.

    @Shen - I'm sad we don't cross paths more. I'm staying out of the DA thread until I can finish Inquisition because I hate getting spoiled, but I'll see you soon!

    @Xaquin - You're good people, and you have an excellent sense of humor, which is all I can ask for from a forumer.

    @godmode - Someday I will meet you at PAX and the Rumple will flow like wine.

    @Nirya - You seem to like wrestling a whole lot! That's cool, I'm not really into it, but I'm glad you have a thread full of people here that you can talk to about it.

    @Mr Fuzzbutt - We should hang out at Manly Beach together, I feel like that'd be fun and that you'd be a fun guy to hang out with at a place like that.

    @Tam - You're my favorite forum artist, but besides that you're just really cool and I get excited when I see you posting in a thread that I am also posting in.

    @DarkPrimus - I like your posts whether they are here in SE++ or in D&D. Keep it up!

    @AtomicTofu - I know you mostly from the Persona thread and yet I have no idea who your waifu is. When I see you post elsewhere I nod sagely, whether I hit a reaction button or not.

    @DHS Odium - A PAX South bro :bro:. I just looked at your profile and was surprised and bemused to see that the last two threads you some jackass you were hanging out with created were "I love the cock" and "Friends that I suck", not necessarily in that order. I don't feel that's representative of your usual post quality.

    @Syphyre - All your stats have been maxed out at 500, there's nothing left for you to do anymore but go kill that dragon.

    @Rainfall - I wish you so much luck with your proposal/wedding/life! Also, I would like to subscribe to your Expendabelles newsletter.

    @-Tal - Thanks to you I know the true message behind Breaking Bad, and have reconsidered my career as a scientist and am exploring the possibility of becoming a meth dealer.

    @ThatDudeOverThere - You seem to appreciate Markiplier for the same reasons I do, and in the meantime you're pretty cool, so... keep on being pretty cool!

    @ASimPerson - I wish I had gotten to go to the Alamo with you, Ryan and Sandra.

    @Solar - Among other things, you have the correct opinion of Sera. This means you're a-ok in my book.

    @Veldrin - a font of gifs and other delights.

    @Vivixenne - I love it when somebody posts something ridiculous and you just roll up your sleeves and tear it apart. You're smart and classy!

    @Wimble is the walrus

    @Poorochondriac - Threads you post in are almost invariably more fun for having you posting in them.

    @Peas - I just now sorted through your post history a bit and you're really good at finding fun/interesting images/videos!

    @Bucketman - You're cool, and we should Tabletop Simulator sometime.

    @Calamity Jane - You are much more approachable than I initially thought you were, and I learn a lot from reading your posts. Smash. The. Patriarchy.

    @Big Red Tie - I feel like I used to see you around a whole lot more than I do now, but I do see you occasionally and when I do you are awesome.

    @Perrsun - I hope you had a good time at PAX, hopefully next time we can interact a bit more?

    @Kadith - Will! You said I had good bone structure. I am pretty sure you were really drunk when you said that but I took it to heart, and coming from a handsome motherfucker like yourself it means a lot. Next PAX I will try and keep up with you and Sandra.

    @Keith - Seems to want a private message all the time, I think we should keep this professional. I'll charge you $50 a pop.

    @Abracadaniel - You get a lot of shit but I'm pretty sure it's all in good fun? You're a good guy regardless.

    @TrippyJing - You're another poster I seem to remember seeing a lot more of in the past, but you do post good/funny pictures pretty often and that brightens up my day!

    @The Cow King - Sorry, I don't play much WoW or Smash Bros. or watch wrestling so I don't see much of you. I think you're great when I do!

    @masterofmetroid - I mostly see you in politics threads and when I do I never really feel like I need to expound upon what you've already written. Good job!

    @Hjorvarthr - I don't think I've seen you around ever. Apologies if I actually have! I hope I do in the future.

    @webguy20 - Anybody who likes beer can't be bad. You also do have some nice contributions to the job thread.

    @Melding - Hates Big Bang Theory (the following applies to anybody else who does as well): A++ would read posts again. Also just badass.

    @see317 - We seem to watch a lot of the same shows! But other than a mutual distaste for Seinfeld we haven't directly interacted much. That should change!

    @#pipe - Is one funny guy. Every day I think to myself WW#PD

    @Javen - Has good opinions about RPGs and the police. Radical in general.

    @Dubh - You teach me quite a bit with your posts, more than many in the trans thread. I wish you only the best.

    @Slacker71 - So many times I see your avatar pop up as a reaction and I rarely see you post. You should post more! I think we'd be friends.

    @Bendery It Like Beckham - One of the most helpful posters I've ever seen. Your posts are typically very brief but they don't need to be longer because they say everything that needs to be said in a couple of quick sentences.

    @agoaj - We don't talk much, but my general impression is that you are cool.

    @PaperLuigi44 - I feel like I could save myself a lot of frustration if I just read what games you recommend and how you suggest people enjoy them.

    @Metzger Meister - Your posts in the science thread are great. That's a lie, sorry. Your posts everywhere are great.

    @CuvisTheConqueror - Another wrestling poster. Sorry, I wish I liked it so we could talk more!

    @Makershot is actually @Seattle Thread now, and likes tennis! We should talk about tennis, especially the motherfucking French Open.

    @Clint Eastwood - I enjoy reading what you post, but you should really fucking watch a Ghostbusters movie.

    @cornell - If you post about things other than sports more often, we could interact! I am sorry I don't have an opinion on you that is more meaningful. :(

    @Peewi - If you're ever in Texas, hit me up and we'll... I dunno, watch Venture Bros. or something.

    @Andy Joe - We have the same opinion about Indiana Jones movies! Last Crusade is without a doubt the best one. I want to see you posting more! They are few and far between, which is sad because I like them.

    @Stale - Has no need of my opinion, he's a goddamn badass.

    @Lalabox - You are quite possibly the best snugglehug poster.

    @miscellaneousinsanity - Thank you for your posts. They are insightful and good, and especially in the trans thread they are a key part of my learning.

    @The Geek - I thought I loved Weird Al until I met you. God damn.

    @Karl - I'm glad to hear things are looking up for you in the jobosphere. Sending good vibes your way!

    @cabsy - You're awesome and I hope I'll meet you someday if I ever get to go to East.

    @Bedlam - Your contributions to the snugglehug and bad joke threads have not gone unnoticed! Are you a pug person? I feel like you might be a pug person.

    @Dongs Galore - One day I will post as good as you do. And you dislike MMOs which means you also get a :bro:

    @Sheri - I swear to God I will make it to FloPAX sometime! This was a lousy year for me but I really really do wanna make it. You're an awesome part of these forums.

    @Flarne - I know very little about you except that the camwhore thread was named after you for a time. I hope we run into each other more often!

    @knitdan - You have a great sense of humor!

    @Chimera - For some reason I thought you were new around here, but that is clearly not the case! Regardless, I have noticed your presence a lot more recently and think only good things.

    @Elaro does so much with so little

    @Adus kicked my ass in SF4 a long while back, I think? I try to forget. Anyway my impression of you can be summed up as :D

    @Baroque And Roll - You have an impressive beard. So jelly. Oh, btw you rock.

    @Ranlin - I enjoy reading your stories in the kid thread. I have a little girl of my own and reading your stories always makes me think of her.

    @Blake T - Congrats on the magazine article! You are a delight.

    @Lost Salient - Games of Betrayal are not the same without you. Next PAX, I challenge you to a drinking contest I know I will lose in advance oh god what am I doiiiiing

    @Fishman - You are great, and I think you're clever and witty but your ID will always be synonymous with the XCOM LP to me.


    @Big M Langstein - There is more to life than wrestling! You should makes some posts about other things where I can see them and get to know you better!

    @Shazkar Shadowstorm - Congrats on the new job! I feel like you hang out mostly in the chat/job threads which I don't read a lot but when I do your posts stick out. In a good way.

    @EmbraceThePing - I don't hang out in the Aussie threads much, and only rarely see you post outside of them, but you seem cool.

    @GSM - Thanks to you I now know what the hell Laniakea is!

    @Tonkka - You're classy and cool, and also up near Seattle I think? If I make it to Prime I'd love to meet you.

    @Smrtnik - You cleared up a joke involving Spanish that I made without me having any knowledge of Spanish at all, and for that I will be forever in your debt.

    @NightDragon - I really admire your art!

    @Rankenphile - SE++ is much improved having you in the mod chair and I thank you for it.

    @The Hanged Man - did you ever figure out about the whole whale foreskin issue? Send me a PM. Also, are you going back to South next year? If so, we should hang!

    @ForceVoid - I don't see much of you but when I do it's usually because you're being helpful and giving somebody good advice.

    @Xehalus - I mostly recall seeing you in the Space thread back when it was running. You were a joy to have in there!

    @scarlet blvd. - I wish you so much luck in your job search!

    @Tofystedeth - Glad I got to meet you and @Rie at PAX. I hope you'll be there again next year because I enjoyed your company!

    @Rotiart - You have a total of 5 posts, so I wish I could comment more...

    @JoeUser - You are a super cool person and I wish I had half your job finding skills/ability to post adorable pictures of red pandas.

    @mxmarks - You're my Vita bro and always will be, forever and ever amen.

    @DrZiplock - You make me want to learn to be more social instead of sitting in my lab all day and letting the receptionist get the phone.

    @spool32 - You're a classy guy and it was good to meet you. You have the unenviable task in virtually every thread to provide a perspective that is unpopular in a kneejerk way in most threads, and I admire your ability to keep cool under pretty much near-constant fire.

    @Magus` - You're swell. Keep being swell!

    @Oghulk - I don't hang out in the school thread much, but I'm glad to see you're busting heads and taking names and all sorts of other stereotypical phrases which basically mean "doing well".

    @Zonugal - If I ever make it to Prime, I would like to buy you a frosty beverage.

    @The Otaku Suppository - I like your non-NFL posts that I've seen! I guess you'll also be at PAX East? Maybe sometime I'll make it out thataway and we can chill.

    @Death of Rats - You typically have my back in some very contentious issues, pretty much across the forums. Your opinions are always well-thought-out and you are clearly extremely intelligent.

    @Goatmon - You are quite wonderful. Have you considered making posting a full-time job? I started posting from home and now I make $50/hr.! Let me get you started on your career path to success.

    @JusticeforPluto - I know I can always count on you for insightful posts on current events that aren't happening in America. Thanks for that!

    @Lonelyahava - You are my political spirit animal. Never stop being awesome.

    @Beavotron - I don't know much about you but you have a really cute doggie!

    @Gizzy - I'm not sure how this happened but I don't think we have ever really crossed paths! Hopefully that will change.

    @Dr. Flamingo - Another person I don't know personally. :( If you see me don't be afraid to engage!

    @Ominous Lozenge - You apparently don't exist?

    @Joolander - I'm consistently impressed with your posts. You've got a good sense of humor and you're very affable. Kudos!

    @Romanian My Escutcheon - No doubt about it, you're a definite boon to these here forums.

    @tugga - I haven't seen you much lately, and your post history shows a lot of NFL stuff which I suppose would account for that. Still, without having anything definitive to fall back on I'd still say you're great.

    @ketbra - Another really awesome poster in the science thread. Oh wait, also everywhere else.

    @Lars - I enjoy your posting everywhere but the Venture Bros. thread in particular is helpful to remember things that have in fact happened.

    @Depressperado - I haven't seen you around much since the Brain Problems thread, but you were super helpful in there (as in, made me laugh a few times) and I hope things are going well with you.

    @stimokolos Ugh this username is apparently a dud. I'm sorry if you're reading this but I don't think I know you and I can't check to be sure. :(

    @Zay - I wish I knew more about you as a person, I recognize your avatar and really do like the things you post! But I've never just come out and asked you what's up/where ya from/etc. Perhaps I should rectify that!

    @Good Looking Fat Guy - I don't know much about you, but I do know who Malala Yousafzai is now because of your posts, so... thanks!

    Oh my god am I done? Is that all? Thank you to everybody, even the people who didn't specifically want opinions about themselves. You know who you are if you helped change my life!

    fightinfilipinoVeldrinmasterofmetroidChincymcchillaOdinFAQSkeithPlatyFishmanMortal SkyDesert LeviathanHermanoNaphtaliTheodore FlooseveltSlacker71PeenDongs GaloreNightDragonPsykomacabsyUsagiSyphyreTofystedethTheySlashThemAndy JoeKadithJusticeforPlutoPoorochondriacDeath of RatsmonsterrorASimPersonSCREECH OF THE FARGBucketmanRomanian My EscutcheonThe Otaku SuppositorylonelyahavaBrainleechscarlet blvd.The BetgirlRhesus PositiveDepressperadoNeurotikaknitdanToxfacetiousShenbeavotron
  • ChincymcchillaChincymcchilla Registered User regular

    @Chincymcchilla - Potentially the most agreeable person in SE++.

    Hello, new sig

    I have a podcast about Power Rangers:Teenagers With Attitude | TWA Facebook Group
  • DaMoonRulzDaMoonRulz Mare ImbriumRegistered User regular

    @Chincymcchilla - Potentially the most agreeable person in SE++.

    Hello, new sig

    Minus 1 point for not agreeing his post.


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