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Then put your little hand in mine...



  • BrainleechBrainleech 機知に富んだコメントはここにあります Registered User regular
    It snowed all weekend here and yesterday it was 52F.
    It was nice to have the snow.
    411Randle wrote: »
    This might actually be my favorite movie.

    Sometimes people try to say that ghostbusters is the best movie

    And I have to point out thAt it's not even the best movie starring Bill murray

    We're talking about Caddyshack, right?

  • ChimeraChimera Monster girl with a snek tail and five eyes Bad puns, that's how eye roll. Registered User regular
    Even the rodents think this is stupid and get mad.

  • Mego ThorMego Thor "I say thee...NAY!" Registered User regular

    Okay campers! Rise and shine! And don't forget your booties cause its cold out there today.
    Its cold out there everyday. What is this, Miami Beach?
    Not hardly. And you know you can expect hazardous travel later today with that you know that blizzard thing.
    Oh that blizzard thing. That blizzard thing. Oh well here's the report, the National Weather Service is calling for a "big blizzard thing."
    Yes they are, but you know there's another reason that today is especially exciting
    Especially cold
    Especially cold, okay, but the big question of everybody's lips
    On their chapped lips
    On their chapped lips, right, do you think Phil is going to come out and see his shadow?
    PUNXatawny Phil
    That's right, woodchuck chuckers its GROUNDHOG DAY!
    Get up and shake that hog out there
    C'mere groundhog

    Its February 2nd. Groundhog Day is unfortunately only available for renting, not on any unlimited streaming service that I am aware of. You can see that information here

    JimothyThe GeekGvzbgulEvilCakeGoose!
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