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[Seattle] Eastside Brunch & Boardgames Saturday

RavengerRavenger TrolololoRegistered User regular
Inspired by Khadour's, now Punzie's Boston boardgaming events, I would like to gauge interest and put together a reoccurring board gaming event on Saturday mornings at our local & awesome:

MOX Boarding House Bellevue

They have a great Menu , great beer selection, and their staff is pretty great. They have several private rooms that are really cool looking, but require a fee for renting. Something that may be worth looking at in the future.

I have a couple of games (Catan+expansions, Dominion+expansions) and there are quite a few games you can borrow for free available at the attached retail store.

I would love to know who would be interested in coming to something like this, maybe make it in to a monthly thing! Feel free to comment with your thoughts if this interests you!

I will be meeting up with some local gaming friends this Saturday around 10:30, and welcome any to join us!

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