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Dmosinee’s Guide to Convenient, Cost-Effective Pin Shipping



  • agentcooperagentcooper Brisbane, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Update: My first delivery using the new "International Economy" method worked well. 8 days all up to the US, tracked all the way. (up to 500grm (1lb) AUD$23.72)

    Let's trade:
    "Damn fine pins!"
  • MadkineMadkine AustraliaRegistered User regular
    New method for me today. 3 pins packed in a bubble mailer and apparently this time under 50g.

    Result: $2.75 postage to the US.

    I had a discussion with the Aus Post employee, and if it had been over 50g the postage is $7.45. Obviously posting as a letter only works for small trades and means no goodies can be included.

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