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Tap to poo in Grand Theft Seagull (iOS, Android, Windows)

TubeTube Registered User admin

LOOK OUT! There’s a raging seagull on the loose, stealing food from the townsfolk while dodging traffic, construction sites, bridges and even massive wrecking balls hanging directly over moving traffic. It's a strange town!

Swipe to steer Steven Seagull as he dodges cars, buildings, shop signs and sewer pipes, and tap to poo on poor unsuspecting Timmy, Francis and Harrison in this burger-eating, candy-stealing, high-flying, wheeling-dealing adventure!
Available free on Google Play, iTunes and Windows Phone.


Take flight and feel the wind blow through your feathers as you conquer the skies!
Poo like you mean it! Aim your butt and tap to poo on poor unsuspecting townsfolk!
Swipe to dodge cars, buildings, shop signs, sewer pipes construction sites and more!
Literally steal candy from babies! Cans of tuna are more your thing? Steal those too!
Avoid missiles from the maniacal General Overkill and live to poo another day!
Challenge your friends on Facebook to see who will come out top bird!

Download links:
iOS -
Android -
Windows Phone -

Thanks for checking it out!

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