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Concept Art Portfolio Assignment

For any [Concept] assignments, carefully following the instructions provided is an important part of the challenge. Some instructions will be more rigid than others, but they are generally designed to give you the idea of working with a team. Some choices are out of your control, some guidelines are already set, and you need to willingly work with these restrictions to pull out something interesting.

GreyBox Paint Over


A common technique for producing concept art in games and films is painting over an untextured 3d 'greybox' environment. These 3d models may be ones that a concept artist has made themselves, or are predetermined- for example, a level designer may use a primitive layout to determine gameplay flow and needs, and an artist may come in later to determine a finalized look.

For a an example of how this process works, there is a more detailed breakdown of how Vyle created the image above in the link below:

For this assignment, I will provide an initial greybox environment. Using this as a base, your job is to create a fully realized composition by painting over and/or using photo sourced elements/textures.

The aesthetics of your final piece is up to you- the only limit is you should assume that this is a functional game environment, and so any details added should not impede player movement throughout the environment, allow the player to reach places not accounted for in the environment, etc.

Remember, the 3d blockout is merely a tool to help you, the artist- it's a jumping off point not a set vision by itself. In order to create anything interesting, it's expected that what's given will likely need to be greatly modified and expanded, so don't hesitate to add, subtract, or modify anything given to make a better composition, a stronger piece of art.

Below are a few renders of the scene. In the .zip below, you will find a high-res .psd of the same, as well as the raw .tga renders:
-Rough lighting pass
-A "checkerboard" textured version to help with perspective consistency
-2 ambient occlusion renders
-A mask to help separate the interior and exterior.

Other renders:

In the .zip you will also find an .obj file of the 3d scene. If you have a 3d program such as 3DS MAX, Maya, or Blender (it's free), you may use this 3d file as you see fit- to change camera angles, experiment with lighting, adding other 3d models, etc. This is not a strictly necessary step, but it's worthwhile to be familiar with the 3d side of the pipeline as well as the painting side, for the sake of production efficiency.

\/ ZIP LINK! (19.7mb) \/

Good luck!

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