Windows Deployment Service - Server 2012, Windows 7 questions

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Tried using Oracle Virtualbox with a virtual server 2012 and virtual win7 machine. The win 7 couldn't see the server in PXE to load the custom image. I'm guessing I needed to install something else for virtualbox or I missed something.

Either way, I'm unable to modify Oracle (don't have necessary permissions on that pc) and will be trying this on a live server and workstations.

I want to push out a custom image with installed programs via a multicast transmission

Let me know if I'm missing a step:
Server 2012
Install WDS role
Save boot/install.wim from install media that is same version as the win 7 workstation.
Create capture.wim, add to WDS server

Win 7
run sysprep.exe oobe, general, restart
enter PXE
select capture image
map network drive for server: shift + f10 - cmd - net use (drive letter): \\server\folder
name it
next, finish

Server 2012
create muticast transmission

Win 7
PXE boot
select the image you want installed

I also have a few other questions:
Do I need to do anything to the target PC's to be able to see the WDS server in PXE?
How long will PXE search for the WDS server? I would like to have as many as possible ready before the multicast transmission starts.
If computers join after the multicast has started, does the multicast start over after the first run has finished?
What's the average file size for a custom .wim install file?
Can I do it without ADK?
What all is reset after doing a sysprep.exe oobe?



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    I did something similar a while ago, and there were two tricks that were important before it would work.

    First, make sure that both VM's are on the same network according to Virtualbox. I was using an internal only network for one machine and NAT for the other (I forgot to change the default), so obviously that didn't work. Also check that both VM's are on the SAME internal network if you've created more than one.

    Second, only one type of network card in my version of Virtualbox actually supported PXE boot. I had to change the client VM to use that type of network card. I don't remember which type it was, but there were only a few, so you could try each one without too much hassle.

    Edit- I just remembered this - I think there were some DHCP settings I had to set up so clients could see the WDS machine. You should be able to google the specifics, or if you're doing one of MS's training modules, it's probably mentioned somewhere in there.

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