Getting around Boston for PAX

digitalghost445digitalghost445 North CarolinaRegistered User regular
I'm terrible at getting around cities and need some help getting to the convention Center. We're staying at the Hilton at Boston Logan Airport and it looks like the easiest thing to do is take the Silverline or a cab. Leaving out the option for a cab, can someone give me the best way to get on the silverline from the Hilton to the convention center? I'm looking at the MBTA website and it's like reading Greek. How/where would I get on? To get to Terminal E, do I need to go back to the airport? Is there a closer stop to board?

Halp plz!


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    UnnDunnUnnDunn New York, NYRegistered User regular
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    We stayed at the Hilton Logan two years ago. To get from there to the SL, you will need to take the skybridge back to the airport parking garage, go down a couple of levels, then take the moving walkways to Terminal E. It's about a 5-10 minute walk. Unfortunately, there is no quicker way to get to the SL stop (believe me, we tried to find one.) Then another 10-15 minutes on SL1 to the World Trade Center stop. Note that the inbound SL1 stops on the lower level outside the World Trade Center station, so once you get off the bus, you'll need to go in and climb the stairs to the upper level, which will put you on the bridge facing the convention center.

    To get back to your hotel, you'll need to take the Logan-bound SL1 from inside World Trade Center, and reverse the whole process.

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    yolomcswaggytotsyolomcswaggytots Registered User regular
    I'm a boston local, so I sort of know. U may be able to get on the right silver line bus (SL1/SL2) right outside the airport train station (it's right next to a football and a soccer field). There are staff within the train station so you could ask them if needed. An alternative is taking the train to south station, then taking a 10-20 minute walk to the convention center or hopping on the silver line bus there. This does require a Charlie card/ticket (Boston's bus and train passes), however, it's much less confusing. If u still need help, I'm able to physically help u. Just PM me if needed

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    TopherRocksTopherRocks Rockstar Beard Grower Kent, OH or Long Island, NYRegistered User regular
    I stayed at the Hilton 2 years ago as well, they were offering shuttles from the front door straight to the silver line (I believe they were either every 15 or 30 minutes). You may want to ask at the front desk about that to be safe. Otherwise, everything already said sounds exactly right

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