[WoW] I'm hosting 'you missed the boat' normal raids! (Alliance)

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Warlords of Draenor has been out for three and a half months now, but even that is long enough for me and quite a few others that I know of to have fallen behind the content curve. With that in mind, I’m going to be hosting Alliance Highmaul normal runs on Saturday evenings, starting at 9pm EST.
My goals are simple:

1) I want to have a group of people that are willing to login, socialize, kill some bosses, get some loot, and log off. Easy peasy. We wipe 7 times on something? No worries. We have to call it early? Stick in mumble and swap ‘i queue’ horror stories. I want to play a game we all enjoy with people that don’t suck and I think we can make that happen.

A) I want our group to progress into the Forge (normal) fairly soon. If we get together a group and everyone is geared enough for it, great! If not, Highmaul it is! I am married with a baby on the way. I don’t have time to be on the bleeding edge of content anymore. I believe that we should be able to remain on the bruised edge of it, though. As new content comes out, I hope to move on in a timely manner, but wouldn't be heartbroken to have to wait a week or two to help our regulars gear into it.

i) If you’re coming, please try and continue to come. We’re not going to have any sort of attendance goosery. The runs will only have reserved slots for my guildies (which shouldn’t be more than a group of 7 total.) In the highly unlikely case that we have people competing for slots, it’ll be first come first serve.

a) Low dps? Trouble on your heals charts? Difficult time with a skill check? No problem. This is the ‘everyone gets a trophy’ raid. My guild is already a skilled and geared group. We will be progressing, but this is meant to be a fun run, not the Boston Marathon. If we do get good enough, I’m not averse to moving into heroics, but at least for the first few weeks I hope to do some normals and see how we fare.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please post the character you’d like to bring (with intended spec and approximate ilvl) and be really specific about whether you can make it on this Saturday (February 28th) or not. Then send a friend request to Buttes#1527! See you in Draenor!

TL;DR Alliance Saturday Feb 28th @ 9PM EST we're raiding Highmaul!

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    SporkacusSporkacus Registered User regular
    I've got a pally healer that can tag along for this :)

    Currently sitting at 653, but I'm looking forward to just doing some silly chill raiding

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    CaedwyrCaedwyr Registered User regular
    Is this a horde or alliance side guild/raid?

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    MarlowMarlow Registered User regular
    Good call. This is Alliance. I'll edit the OP now!

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    JerikTelorianJerikTelorian Registered User regular
    I'm there. Got a 660 rogue and am working on a pally for heals.

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    DerrickDerrick Registered User regular
    Sounds interesting. I have a few alts I could rotate in depending on what we need. Do any of your regular group have any roles locked down?

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    MarlowMarlow Registered User regular
    So far we're fairly wide open. I have two dps (jerik is one of them), a healer/dps, a tank, and myself (I prefer to dps, but can tank if it's between that and a pug.) Bring whoever you want to play or enjoy playing the most!

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