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From Philly Meetup & Hang

DigiMikeDigiMike Registered User regular
Hey, guys!

Me and my buddy are headed to PAX East from Philly. We're here to make friends, hopefully some that live close by where we're from.
Anyone from the Philadelphia area looking to meet up and hang out during PAX?


  • zoidbergensteinzoidbergenstein Registered User regular
    I'm going with a small group of people from Philadelphia. I've been browsing for a meetup before the event as well but haven't seen anything so far :(

  • DigiMikeDigiMike Registered User regular
    I'm kind of hoping this post becomes significant enough to gain some notice from more people from Philly.

    Let's set something up.

  • KyussKyuss Registered User regular
    My pax buddy and I are from outside Philly. Leaving from 30th St. on Wednesday.

  • zoidbergensteinzoidbergenstein Registered User regular
    We are all in Old City but getting there various ways. Megabus, flying, etc but are all leaving thursday.

  • DigiMikeDigiMike Registered User regular
    My buddy and I are getting there by Thursday night. Would anyone want to meet for a pre-PAX meet and greet?

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