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Haven't recieved my badges yet....

amellorsamellors Registered User new member
Starting to get worried that were lost in the mail (or the Boston Snow Yeti has eaten them)...

Will there be a will call pickup for badges?



  • TemigTemig East [E] North Shore - MARegistered User regular
    Give it until today's mail comes at least. Typically a week out (which today is officially!), is when you can start to get a little anxious.
    If you don't receive it shoot an email off to and let them know. They'll track down what they need to and if needed arrange for you to pick them up onsite.

    Will call is available and typically has some hours on Thursday afternoon for pickups as well as being available during the show itself. Those hours will be announced at some point in the next week.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod

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