My time spent in The Repopulation so far.

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Hey! I searched and didn't see any threads about this game so here I go.

First of all I'd like to say that the crafting system is more complex than any other MMO you'll ever see. From what I can gather it's more complex than SWG in it's prime or more in depth than any online game before. I'm saying this with a 10 year career of MMO's myself.

To give an example, real (I think) chemistry is used to make chemical components.

There is a searchable in game data base with every item, property, monster, you name it at the press of a button,

I bought a 2 seater hover car and plan to use it to ferry new players far south to learn animal training because they have no mount yet.

I tamed a baby dinosaur thing and had it fight for me while I used a medical scanner to keep it healed since I wanted to practice first aid. It then grew up in stages and became more powerful. If you don't take care of it or it falls too many times in battle it will die.

I then researched Genetic Engineering and made stacks of disposable monsters that can be sold, summoned and hybridzed.

A friend sent me a robot pet which was a ranged attack model which I could then modify to my liking and repair.

Missions taken from a generated job listing confirm and mold to your developed skill set.

You can become a thief and assassin and do underworld missions. Get caught at the wrong time and you can be exiled from your starting nation.

Speaking of nations, you can form your own, build a city of any purpose and attract NPCs that will act just like starting capital ones.

There is a planned bounty hunting system.

There is planned space travel. And underwater vehicles.

The starting planet is immense and will take noticeable time with even a fast mount to travel across.

This is how complex the crafting is

Player housing is both area isolated in the open world and instanced in major cities.

You can play written music and recorded songs from a (for the moment) small variety of instruments. ( not 100% sure on this its not in yet. but it is similar to other MMO's that have it.)

You can create siege engines and go to war against any nation.

Your armor is shit without custom made fittings that let you customize it however you want.

If resources are gathered too much in an area they will become sparse there.

Okay! That's about it for my first impression of around 6 days of playtime.
It's currently in late alpha, there are bugs that are being fixed in every new patch and it's $20 on steam.

You can get it here.

Oh! And the player base is less than 200 people across 3 servers at this time which is very sad indeed! But I've made lots of great friends already and met many nice and interesting people. I hope you check it out if all of the above sound like fun!

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