Bring a precious object to Sunday's "Busting the Bunker" panel (or submit online!)

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Flux Theatre Ensemble has been given an opportunity to share a bit of our world premiere play Salvage at our panel (Busting the Bunker, Sunday at 12:00 in Bumblebee), but we also want YOU to share something with us. We're calling this sharing portion "The Salvage Project". You can choose to participate live at the panel, online on our tumblr, or both!

Behind every precious object there is something even more important: a story. We want to hear the story of a precious object that you would turn back for, should the unthinkable happen. Like the characters in Salvage, what would you search for through the rubble of After? Panelist Chris Avellone will be sharing an object that's so precious to him that he carries it with him every day; I'll be sharing an object that's so precious to me that I won't dare to bring it to Boston. You can follow either of our leads -- no matter how you choose to participate, you'll help us all learn what matters most to the people with whom we share our cities, our countries, our planet.

Click here to submit your object online, and/or I hope to see you on Sunday!.

If you submit an object or have any apocalypse-based or New York Theater-based questions you'd like me to ask our panelists, please feel free to reply here. See you all this weekend!


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    iltailta Registered User regular
    PS: Fans of last year's panel "That Cute Radioactive Couple" will recognize both me and Adam Swiderski, as well as the post-apocalyptic subject matter. Fans of amazing web series actresses will recognize Rachael Hip-Flores (Anyone But Me, Producing Juliet). Fans of the New York independent theatre scene will recognize Anna Rahn. And fans of quality video games like Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity will recognize Obsidian Entertainment's Chris Avellone. Ask us anything you like!

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