Bringing 3DS Games to PAX East (2015)

mzaleskimzaleski Registered User new member
What 3DS games are people taking to PAX East?


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    ArcadiaExeterArcadiaExeter Boston MARegistered User regular
    I will have smash bros. but thats about it. i wish i could have afforded mario kart as well.

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    GeekyPanda404GeekyPanda404 The Geeky Panda ConnecticutRegistered User regular
    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for me.

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    ArinikusArinikus Registered User regular
    Smash bros, acnl, pokemon y

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    fajraxofajraxo Registered User regular
    I have Smash Bros. and Pokemon AS on my DS and I'm bringing FE:A and Pokemon X as well.

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    kabal31082kabal31082 Registered User new member
    edited March 2015
    Would Nintendo be selling 3ds system at Pax or is it just merchandise like tshirt, posters and such?

    I've been wanting to get one the past few weeks but stores have been sold out. Would be pretty sweet if i could pick up a 3ds and a few games to play with others while I'm actually there.

    kabal31082 on
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