Long shot

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Hello everyone,
During my last day at pax east i had a moment that may have shot me in the foot. During one of my strolls around the con, i found myself in between the logitech and the nintendo booth. While walking down the aisle, a very attractive petite dark hair girl who was working at the nintendo booth was standing at the front of the que line to play the game that was available. She glanced at me as i was walking up to head back up to the main lobby, waved and smiled and i waved back. Due to lack of confidence and shyness =( i did not interact with her. Any advise on how to potentially get in contact with her or maybe someone knows her.



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    Well I'd say waving at someone is a friendly interaction, but I wouldn't assume it invites anything more than that, especially coming from a rep who's job it is to positively promote and market the company. As much as I might enjoy friendly interactions I have with the people I deal with at work, I wouldn't want them trying to hunt me down online and trying to contact me. Just chalk it up as meeting one of the many friendly people I'm sure you met at pax.

    The Nintendo reps did seem to be cool though. I had one lady who seemed to be in a work mindset, not an antendee one, but she saw me collecting signatures on my suit while she was eating lunch, so when I saw her staring and asked if she wanted to sign, she said OK and wrote Nintendo, next to somebody who drew a heart "so that Nintendo would always be close to my heart", and mentioned she works for Nintendo. It was the perfect message. She is working to promote the company, I get indulged with my signature request, and it makes for a great story about a nice pax moment.

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