[PA Comic] Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - The Judging Wood, Part Three



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    It's true what's been said below: Jerry's writing is hard. He asks a helluva lot from the reader. He's a bit like that in real life; an everyday conversation with the man demands one's full attention. I've often found myself, after engaging with him for several minutes, saying what I think is a new, salient point. And Jerry exasperatedly exclaiming "Yes! This is what we are talking about!" It can be frustrating.

    The newsposts are thrice-weekly examples of the phenomenon. He'll introduce and refer to notions with little or no context. The expectation is that the reader is already in the know; if the reader is not in the know, the demand is that the reader go get a clue and then return. But it's selective; the recent post about the final Pac Man round of the Omegathon at PAX was a perfect balance of setup and delivery, in my opinion.

    Anyway. For those feeling lost, there's a collection of previous Eyrewood strips here: http://penny-arcade.com/comic/hub/#sideStories

    For Thornwatch development, I've put together and maintained a much more extensive internally-accessible linklist with non-comic Eyrewood information, such as standalone art, posts, and such. Maybe we should make that public, or add it to an Eyrewood page.

    @Mike Fehlauer FACT. If you guys are open to throwing up an Eyrewood database/page/fan community hub like you were describing, I would devour it whole without pausing to chew.

    Also if you wanted help moderating it, I would love to be of service in any way.

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    @Mike Fehlauer I just wanted to come back around to this earlier thread and say that I think it would be fantastic to have a public website/wiki that acted as a general intro to the setting and an easy way to follow the many different channels and means by which new information and content is being released. If that's not something the PA office wants to take on (and believe me, I'd understand, after all most franchises don't), then it would be nice to get an official word on that so the fans can get things rolling on a fanwiki for the Eyrewood setting. But since you've teased the idea of an official resource, I'd imagine a lot of people will probably want to wait and see if you guys will do it.

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