Guesses for PAX Prime ticket sales?

Captain_GoatzCaptain_Goatz Registered User new member
I was just wondering because this is my first pax and I'm trying my hardest to get my brother and I tickets. Any tips?


  • kaZombiekaZombie AlbertaRegistered User regular
    I would suggest checking out this thread

    Its going to be my first year too and I've been asking alot of general questions in there (Along with others)

  • KeroanKeroan Chicago, IllinoisRegistered User regular
    General Tips:

    1) Subscribe to the PA/PAX twitter account and get the updates forwarded to your phone. I follow Khoo as well and have those forwarded. Better safe than sorry.
    2) Have your phone handy or be near a computer around 10:30PST ish every day. This is... typically... the time that they get released but it changes every year and sometimes is announced beforehand
    3) Have a credit card on your person at all times (they don't accept paypal)
    4) Know what hotel you wish to book and be ready to reserve as soon as the tickets go on sale. They will "pop" at the same time

    5)Consider going to a slightly easier PAX (South, East, Australia). South in particular had badges going for a long time, while Prime sells out very quickly. It may be simpler to just choose a different PAX and save yourself a modicum of stress. Personally, I adore East!

    Some weird tips can be having your friends keeping an eye out too to warn you if they go on sale. Last year, my phone blew up and I knew it was time.

    But yeah, there are a lot of threads around with different advice, even in other PAX forums. Some people use tools through their browser to refresh for them but I try to be polite to the PA servers and do it manually.

    Good luck!

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