[MtG] MM 2015: Proliferate, Proliferate, Proliferate



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    DaebunzDaebunz Registered User regular
    edited May 2015
    spirits seemed incredibly lackluster without ghost council

    only gw tokens and affinity seemed like reliable archetypes (honorable mention rw equipment/doublestrike dudes), and like u/b goodstuff if you get the right rares for it

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    APODionysusAPODionysus Registered User regular
    Oh heck 100 pages. Working on new op now

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    RadiusRadius Registered User regular
    You're supposed to wait for the mods to lock the thread in SE++, actually.

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    APODionysusAPODionysus Registered User regular
    I... Uh... Did not know that. Sorry

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    astrobstrdastrobstrd So full of mercy... Registered User regular
    I'll re-post here then.

    I drafted a pretty garbage domain deck and went 3-0 off the back of Spellskite, Savage Twister, and Overwhelming Stampede. Stampede was always a bomb, but 2 Nest Invaders and 3 Kozilek's Predators meant that even my finals opponent who immediately killed two attackers and tapped another, still took 23 damage after blocks. The next game I only had a mortarpod and a skyreach at 5 and cast it for 15 damage. Won three packs and pulled just enough to break even (Spellskite, Wilt-Leaf, and foil Dismember). The insufferable douche I beat round 2 won a single pack that contained Foil and Regular Bitterblossom.

    I've always played pack wars by shuffling the pack and drawing 1 card per turn (no starting hand). You can play any spell for free and x or activated abilities always equal 5. It leads to some hilarious card values as anything that targets lands or keys off of them is almost always dead and any mill card is better than most bomb rares.

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