Your ENDLESS [WEBCOMICS] puts Voyager in Danger, Neelix!



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    ChicoBlue wrote: »
    Brolo wrote: »
    ChicoBlue wrote: »
    Rolo's been having a tough time getting those QCs up.

    i'm too old for this shit

    webcomics are a young woman's game

    my poor old saggy tits just can't keep up

    I know, I know.

    You should probably just stop posting QC. Retire. Relax.

    And out of deference to your great accomplishments and your time posting QC, I think that no one else should post QC.

    We'll just hang QC from the rafters and occasionally glance up at it and think, "Yeah. That was the webcomic that Rolo liked to post. I remember those sweet old days. I'm glad that no one will ever post it again, though."

    i'm okay with this as long as crwth is buried with me in my webcomix tomb

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    Fearghaill wrote: »
    Gvzbgul wrote: »
    I think the biggest change one person could make is helping future inventions get invented sooner. Even just speeding things up a little bit would drastically change everything. The fastest way to change society is with technology.

    Grade school math textbook in Ancient Greece

    Introduce the concept of zero a couple millennia early
    Technology isn't inherently good! Also technology is not a force independent of the society it is found in. Also technology generally works as a system so introducing a single invention way earlier than it would have otherwise existed probably wouldn't have as big an impact as you'd think. Like, take for example... firearms!

    So let's say you went back in time to for example... ancient Sparta. And you bring with you a modern, contemporary machine gun. Because, I don't know, you think the movie 300 would be improved with machine guns. You explain all the basic principles the gun operates on, give them a demonstration of how it works, and then hand them the thing to use and replicate as they see fit. You hop back in your time machine, giddy at the thought of how crazy its going to look to historians that Spartans made the biggest single military leap ever in history.

    Except... the Spartans run into quite a few problems. First off is the gun propellant: you were kind enough to explain what black powder is made of, and the spartans thought at the time that it'd be easy enough to make. Except... well, they have trouble getting the consistency right: sometimes there's too little boom, or even worse, too much boom. Speaking of, they can't figure out how the hell you made the thin barrel capable of withstanding so much force. Iron was too expensive to use, and even it was unable to match the strength of the materials your gun was made of. So they figure they'll have to try and make the guns out of bronze, except to do so they have to massively increase the width of the barrel, and are forced to abandon the complex machinery of your gun as being simply to impractical for even their best metal workers to manufacture. Even simple barrels are difficult, but at enormous cost they manage to make a few dozen large guns capable of being loaded by the muzzle.

    It's around this time, that they hear word of a Persian invasion, so they hitch their guns to horses, and barely manage to make it to Thermopylae. With no small amount of laboring, they point their barrels at the Persians aim... and fire! The Persians are at first terrified by the loud noises the guns make, and one of metal balls the Spartans fired manages to land within fifty feet of the Persian line. And then the Persians realize that none of the other balls came anywhere close to hitting them, and indeed that a third of these weird Greeks weapons had simply exploded, mortally wounding the Spartans operating them and sowing confusion among the rest of the ranks. With a laugh, the Persians charge and thoroughly rout the Spartans as they're still trying to reload a second volley. The battle is not remembered by history, and with the subjugation of the Greek states by Persia much of Europe comes to imitate and idolize Persian civilization.

    Like, the idea of just going back to any point of history, introducing a random modern technology, and expecting that technology to both be used in a contemporary way, and to furthermore expect it to lead a civilization to more resemble our own, is simply ridiculous. Technologies are fundamentally connected to the time and place and society they are found in. And I'm sorry for kind of ranting here... but, the view of either science or technology as an independent force that fundamentally reshapes societies is one I'm pretty opposed to. I can't say its never worked that way, but I think the reverse is much more often true: technologies are adopted in specific contexts for specific reasons. There is no technology that is inherently desirable or even inherently useful, there exist simply technologies that have been adapted at certain times because they were desirable and useful to certain people at certain times.

    And that folks is what you get when you spend way to much time studying sociology.

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    ElaroElaro Apologetic Registered User regular
    No! Not... crwth!

    Where else will we find our Bertissitude?

    Children's rights are human rights.
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    Centipede DamascusCentipede Damascus Registered User regular
    aw man, they closed the anime thread before I could tell everyone to watch Uchouten Kazoku

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