[Camp Comic] Friday, March 13, 2015 - Counteroffer

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image[Camp Comic] Friday, March 13, 2015 - Counteroffer




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    CrumplepunchCrumplepunch Registered User regular
    Yes Seventeen, yes he does.

    He just feels the worst.

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    outbacksam34outbacksam34 Registered User new member
    Why do I feel like Malachi is going to abuse the power of his new bodyguard?

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    PublikwerksPublikwerks Registered User regular
    Man, what does the Rope course thug have against the people of Maine?

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    Talyn RahlTalyn Rahl Registered User regular
    LOVE IT! Brian continues to be the king of all that is win. Seventeen continues to be too adorable for words and judging by that grin in the last panel, Malachi will continue to be a bit of a dick with his new found Brian powers.

    I also get the feeling that at some point, far downt he line Brian may end up giving Malachi a slap. Possibly when one of his "I have a wrathful protector, you can't mess with me!" stunts ends up getting Seventeen hurt.

    I can almost see it happening now, Malachi pulls his usual shit, someone tries to get to him, hurts Seventeen in the process, Brian storms over, Malachi with his usual shit-eating grin, not realising Seventree is hurt is all "You dun goofed now, my boy brian is going to get ya!" then brian swings his hand and *BAMF* smacks Malachi right across the face.

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    OmegaJimesOmegaJimes Registered User new member
    Atta boy, Brian!

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    LoneDuckLoneDuck Registered User new member
    @Publikwerks: I think they mean Rope course campers versus Main campers, as distinguished by the different colored shirts. I like how the other kids are like "dude, why are you crying".

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    whigwamwhigwam Registered User regular
    Yeah, that look on Malachi's face does not bode well...

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    TrueLinkTrueLink Registered User regular
    The caretaker relationship between Brian and Seventeen is just the best.

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    metfanscmetfansc Registered User regular
    Walk softly but carry a big stick.

    Or if that fails take the big stick from the bully and hit the other bully in the head with it!

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    Android 21 3/7Android 21 3/7 Registered User regular
    For some reason, I see a parallel between him and Malachi...

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    hajenhajen Registered User regular
    today's comic is full of win:

    it starts off with some fine exposition, "and then he left and never came back."
    then Brian premeditates some pain as evidenced by him misdirecting the innocence so as not to bruise her gentle sensibilities...
    not currently carrying a big stick, he avails himself from what is locally available and presently presents the pain in a law-laying-down manner.

    unfortunately, I agree, it does not appear as if Mal is taking away the correct lesson from this encounter, but I'm sure this matter can be addressed in the future ;)

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    clegg2121clegg2121 Registered User new member
    I really liked that comic. It was really sweet. Thank you, Katie.

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    MashtatoMashtato Registered User regular
    That was a difficult feral cat to find!

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    Mr Fish 86Mr Fish 86 Registered User regular
    I had a dream that there was an animated camp weedonwantcha, and all of the voices were different from what they were in my head. I was pretty upset, and it took me a while to realize that it was just a dream when I finally woke up.

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    MarcinMNMarcinMN Registered User regular
    edited March 2015
    Brian and Malachi -- The greatest match up since Nelson Munz and Martin Prince. "Spring forth, burly protector, and save me!"

    MarcinMN on
    "It's just as I've always said. We are being digested by an amoral universe."

    -Tycho Brahe
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    ShamrockSeraphShamrockSeraph Registered User regular
    Brian for President.

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    Twister2Twister2 Registered User regular
    No, seventeen. He's crying cuz he doesn't have an awesome wig like Malachi. OR a comic built around him.
    That must be it.

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    BonaventureBonaventure Registered User regular
    Such a great strip!

    I'm worried about Brian's state of mind, though. His friends need an awful lot of saving, and every time he goes to his "dark place," I imagine it costs him a bit more of his self-control. Nobody knows how Brian ended up at camp, but it's a safe bet that it was thoroughly awful....

    Someday, Brian is going to need saving from Brian, and how on earth will his friends survive on their own for long enough to help?

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    OtakingOtaking Registered User regular
    Is Brian helping Malachi up or is that a bro fist? I assume it's the former.

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    LambdaLambda Registered User regular
    Man, if Brian keeps this up these ropes course kids are going to have a weapon shortage before long.

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    supergluesuperglue Registered User regular
    I have this theory that it's not actually a camp and that all the characters are just different aspects of someone with dissociative identity disorder. Malachi has just been diagnosed and he's trying to come to terms with it internally. Each kids' memory of how they came to the camp is actually related to how that identity was created. Brian is a Protector aspect. Seventeen is a Child aspect. etc.

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    cmgreenecmgreene Registered User regular
    : )

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    generaputinholegeneraputinhole Registered User regular
    Reminds me of the Yacky Doodle cartoons when the Chopper tells him "Close your eyes, Yacky, you hadn't ought to see what I'm gonna do to that fox," then pounds the fox to a pulp off-screen.

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    DemBones79DemBones79 Registered User new member
    @Superglue you just made my day. I actually dated someone with the disorder and helped her doctor diagnose her (her previous diagnosis was simply Bipolar Disorder.) Your comment hit close to home, but also makes a helluva lot of sense.

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    Sooo...Sooo... Registered User new member
    I said it once and I'll say it again:
    Draco Malfoy is an incarnation of or actually is that child!

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    Twister2Twister2 Registered User regular
    Case closed.

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    KempsonKempson Registered User regular
    I wonder if the title of the comic is a My Cousin Vinny reference.

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    KoltirasRipKoltirasRip Registered User new member
    Stupid question, but why do you need a Kickstarter to print a book? I print my graphic novel for just the cost of the first volume over at KaBlam (basically as a quality check and to get my own copy to collect.) Then it gets moved over to their IndyPlanet site were copies get printed on demand by anyone who buys it. Unless you plan on sitting at a booth in a convention or something, there's really no need anymore to print hundreds of books and hope they sell.

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    KatieJRiceKatieJRice Registered User regular
    Stupid question, but why do you need a Kickstarter to print a book? I print my graphic novel for just the cost of the first volume over at KaBlam (basically as a quality check and to get my own copy to collect.) Then it gets moved over to their IndyPlanet site were copies get printed on demand by anyone who buys it. Unless you plan on sitting at a booth in a convention or something, there's really no need anymore to print hundreds of books and hope they sell.

    We tried our best to explain this on the Kickstarter page, but basically we want to offer a higher-quality book than we'd get from print-on-demand services.

    I've used Ka-Blam before for making a book of my first webcomic. It's a great service, but if you're looking to do any sort of customization with the book size or paper quality or a bunch of other things, you're out of luck. We want a book that is designed around the comic, and not the other way around. Also, we want to be able to sell the book at a reasonable price and Ka-blam can rarely get to a price point that makes that possible.

    Being that we want Camp W to be as much as a full time job as it can be, conventions are a huge deal, and we rely on them a lot for making a living. We go to at least three PAXes each year and, once we have our book, we'd like to go to more conventions.

    Also, seeing as how we've got our own online store, we'd definitely prefer to sell our book on there, as opposed to using a service like IndyPlanet.

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    bandizzzlebandizzzle Registered User regular
    edited March 2015
    bandizzzle was warned for this.
    "Stupid question, but why do you need a Kickstarter to print a book?"

    The real answer is "You don't."

    That's just how you get your fans to pay for shit that you want to sell them later, without actually having to give them said shit later, if it falls through.

    Tube on
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    AdamRWAdamRW Registered User regular
    Would you care to explain, Bandizzzle, why you feel the way you do?

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    TubeTube Registered User admin
    You're welcome to your opinion, but there's no need to be a dick about it.

    geth, kick @bandizzzle from the thread.

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    GethGeth Legion Perseus VeilRegistered User, Moderator, Penny Arcade Staff, Vanilla Staff vanilla
    Affirmative Tube. @bandizzzle banned from this thread.

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    Code Red MediaCode Red Media Registered User new member
    edited March 2015
    I've noticed a tiny but vocal group often complain about artists who have a big supportive base. They don't like it that fans are willing to preorder books and stuff to help the artist.

    I guess those people will have to eat their PB & Jelly until they grow up.

    This comic is so awesome. I'm happy to support it. :-)

    Code Red Media on
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    PaizleeRoxPaizleeRox Registered User regular
    Okay, so I think I get it. The ropes course is for the older kids and the main island is for the younger

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    kateberlykateberly Registered User regular
    Hahaha I love Brian.

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    Spyke66Spyke66 Registered User regular
    @PAIZLEEROX if you look at previus comics there are younger kids on rope course too. If you listen to Purdy she says that just the toughs live there, so joungers are not exluded

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    piggystewpiggystew Registered User regular
    edited March 2018
    She's too innocent to see!

    piggystew on
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