[Fan Translations] To the realm Beyond Speed. [Racing Lagoon released!]

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There's great games released every year that never get localized.

Some are overlooked due to being out on outdated consoles:


Some are mired in licensing hell:


Sometimes the programing proves too difficult to overcome:


And sometimes it's just deemed unlikely to sell:


Or sometimes no one even knows it exists.


For any number of reasons, aspiring translators and hackers take on projects that the big companies won't.

Fan translators almost always do it out of love for the game, with no expectation of financial gain or sometimes even recognition.
(if you do ever see a team asking for money, something's highly suspect.)

These projects can take weeks, months, even years.

Here's a few of note!
and so on.

I'm also an editor and project lead on several fan translations, so I'm happy to give advice on anyone looking to break into a project.

It doesn't matter how niche the game is, how huge the script is, or how long it will take.

When you finally boot up a game that you thought would never come out here, see it appear in English on your screen, and know it was all your doing, the result will always be worth it.


And there's always new projects in the wings that need help.

So if you don't think anyone else will take on that beloved property of yours but you, especially if no one's heard of it but you, roll up your sleeves and pursue it.

(*This actually got localized)

Because if you don't, who will?

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