You want to pay me that much to do this [Job]?



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    CimmeriiCimmerii SpaceOperaGhost Registered User regular
    A lot of my job involves waiting for someone to make a decision on something and email/otherwise communicate with me to carry it out. Sometimes somebody will ask for something that essentially puts my whole task list on hold and I can't do anything until they change their mind or go through with their decision.

    I've gotten good at writing fairly aggressive emails.

    *Internally Screaming*
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    I ZimbraI Zimbra Worst song, played on ugliest guitar Registered User regular
    JebusUD wrote: »
    Al_wat wrote: »
    I have lots of times where I have nothing to do cause its like, theres nothing to do

    even a lot of times when I have something to do I'm barely doing anything

    "ok (such and such) pressure is dropping. it will reach target pressure in... 6.... hours...."

    I basically just have to make sure nothing fucks up. If stuff fucks up, then there can be lots to do.

    It sucks when stuff fucks up

    Sounds like when I was a movie projectionist. Except probably more real repercussions.

    Sit around for hours and days doing nothing until "oh god everything is broken!"

    Nothing like simultaneous brain wraps to liven up your day.

    I got essentially no sleep this weekend so today at work is going to be real interesting.

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    MadicanMadican No face Registered User regular
    I always have things to do. I can even get some of them done if people don't keep interrupting. But they never stop interrupting.

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