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[Monster Hunter] Thread invaded by a Deviljho. Go to new thread or get eaten.



  • UncleSporkyUncleSporky Registered User regular
    Well partly I wanted to try something new anyway. I did some swaxin' and the new sword mode combo swing throws me a little.

    I was never any good at using appropriate moves for the situation anyway, pretty much just the equivalent of a button masher, use one move that works over and over. I practically treated it like a great sword, lots of sheathing and sword mode draws.

    Switch Friend Code: SW - 5443 - 2358 - 9118 || 3DS Friend Code: 0989 - 1731 - 9504 || NNID: unclesporky
  • EntaruEntaru /bin/bash Registered User regular
    Mostly just huntin' monsters.
    XBL:Phenyhelm - 3DS:Phenyhelm
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