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GV10: [Results] Best Comic Book Video Game: Check Page 2!



  • M-TeeM-Tee Registered User regular
    gtrmp wrote: »
    8) Scott Pilgrim vs the World (69 pts)

    Remember when they put DLC out for this like, two years later, out of nowhere? I do. I still haven’t picked it up, but my PS3 isn’t even hooked up right now, so.

    Well, you won't ever be able to, either: Ubisoft let the Scoot Pilgrim license expire a few months ago, so the game and DLC aren't available for sale anymore.

    This is the #1 reason why I hate digital distribution.

  • PaperLuigi44PaperLuigi44 My amazement is at maximum capacity. Registered User regular
    Arkham City has so many damned Riddler trophies that the city is essentially green. I have my problems with the aesthetic of the Arkham games already, and the clump of green shit everywhere in Arkham City sure didn't do a whole lot to draw me in. And I hated that they locked so many cool Riddler puzzle missions behind finish all of those ridiculous riddler challenges in the city itself

    It definitely crossed the event horizon for what was acceptable for collectables.

    - Fixed a bug where the Moon was upside down.
    - Fixed a weird door.
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