Trouble with my A40 headset/MixAmp

astrogaming.com/a40-headset/A40-HEADSET-ASTRO-GEN2-PS4.html?dwvar_A40-HEADSET-ASTRO-GEN2-PS4_color=charcoal#start=1 <---- That is the headset.

The problem is that I cannot use optical with my device. When I connect with optical and then select my optical output, I get what can only be described as a crackling noise in ONLY the left ear. When I switch the audio in windows back to the USB connection to the mixamp, the crackling persists, until I unplug the Optical from the mixamp.

I currently have no sound cards, I'm using onboard audio. asus.com/us/Motherboards/Z87PLUS/ The mixamp using dolby technology, which from the research I've done my board supports. I currently have all updated drivers, the asus board uses realtek audio for it's drivers, but let it be noted I had the same problem before I had installed the realtek drivers from asus's site. I'm heading to a friends in the next few days who i know has a working optical setup, too ensure it's not something with my board. ANy advice or info would be greatly appreciated! Been at this for about 2 weeks now, and the USB sound just isn't cutting it.


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    Yeah, the USB sound doesn't even go through the virtual surround processing, it's just vanilla stereo. I'd definitely try to get it hooked up to a "known good" Dolby Digital optical stream, that's step one. Maybe try it with a DVD player or other similar device, to just to verify that?

    EDIT: Obviously that was your plan with the friend's computer, just thinking of ways you can check it more quickly. Also, IIRC the new Mixamps don't have any alternate inputs (stereo RCA, coax digital) that you can use to verify operation of the main game channel and surround circuits?

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