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[Camp Comic] Tuesday, March 31, 2015 - Friendly Warning

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited March 2015 in Camp Weedonwantcha

image[Camp Comic] Tuesday, March 31, 2015 - Friendly Warning

Friendly Warning

Friendly Warning

Read the full story here

Unknown User on


  • VanDerSparVanDerSpar Registered User regular
    Well, that is one approach to retrieve your friend from another clique :| Girls are a wondrous species.

  • FrassleFrassle Registered User new member
    I love how you're made to notice her burgundy pants before they're even mentioned. In the first panel I immediately thought 'her pants are different' because the other two's are so fitting. Love the comic - as a camp director for a small two week camp this is exactly how I'd expect the kids to behave if the staff disappeared for oh... two hours!

  • jasarienjasarien Registered User regular
    Boys will just have a fight and make friends afterwards. Girls wage psychological warfare for years o_o

  • OddfishOddfish On opposite weeks In odd numbered monthsRegistered User regular
    Well, that's a lot more depressing than it was probably intended to be. I always forget how impossible it is for girls that age to cultivate worthwhile, healthy relationships with their peers. You'd have to feel like some sort of super-human secret agent or something to get out of adolescence without a variegated assortment of neuroses.

  • KaitensatsumKaitensatsum Registered User regular
    Well I mean, aside from the occasional day-long blindness....

  • Talyn RahlTalyn Rahl Registered User regular
    I kept waiting for the situation to flip, but it never did... It was just mean :(

    And a little bit funny... but mostly mean!

  • RottonappleRottonapple Registered User regular
    Ghost Kitty, almost didn't find him.

  • SleepyDustSleepyDust Registered User regular
    Ghost Kitty from Kristen Britain's Green Rider series? Hmmm...

  • VisionAriVisionAri Registered User regular
    Ugh. I've been in Lucy's shoes.

    I wasn't a member of the cool clique, but I was on good terms with a couple of girls who were. Some of my so-called friends gave me almost the exact same "warning".

    Oddly enough, at the end of the year, I was still friends with the cool girls who were supposedly "using" me. The others? Not so much.

  • kpgoodnightkpgoodnight Registered User regular
    I really like anne and lori's design. They exude a lot of character. Lucy too. But if I might ask, which is Anne and which is Lori?

  • SonOfCronSonOfCron Registered User regular
    This comic should just be titled "All Girls, Everywhere."

  • flowerhoneyflowerhoney Registered User regular
    So much adolescent girl hate up in these comments ='(

    Surprise! Its not true. Girl friendships are awesome. Kids of any gender can be mean and cruel as shown by this entire series

  • narwhaonarwhao Registered User regular
    This page is a really good example of how great this comic's character design is. I love the short kid's hair, and Lucy is adorable.

  • TzivyaTzivya Registered User regular
    It's like the peer group version of negging, and just as insidious and creepy.

  • hailthefishhailthefish Registered User regular
    Welp, here come the flashbacks.

  • PNFPNF Registered User new member
    "Kids of any gender can be mean and cruel as shown by this entire series"
    Definitely agree with this. When I was in middle school I had an incident of my friends all suddenly ditching me and then running away from me when I found them. When I've told people about it, I've gotten some comments of "Girls that age are so mean!"
    Mean while I was harassed by two boys in one of my classes for more than a semester with notes that were mean, sexual, and eventually built to including death threats.

  • Twister2Twister2 Registered User regular
    Ah, the irony in the last panel. Also ghost kitty

  • gigyas6gigyas6 Registered User new member
    Is Lucy new? I don't think I've seen her in the comic before.

  • ShamrockSeraphShamrockSeraph Registered User regular
    @Gigyas6 I think her most recent appearance (prior to this one) was in this strip:

  • SchadrachSchadrach Registered User regular
    edited April 2015
    @PNF By the numbers, boys are more likely to engage in physical aggression, while girls are more likely to engage in relational aggression.

    Or as it was put to me waaaay back in middle school: "Boys are at least honest about it, they'll fight you, and you'll either openly hate each other or work through it. Girls are much more insidious about it, and they'll try to ruin your life. When it comes to hurting each other, boys play dodgeball, girls play *chess*."

    Schadrach on
  • PNFPNF Registered User new member
    @Schadrach: While I'm sure that there are some numbers out there that show that, it's definitely not the case for all the numbers.
    These studies point to the levels of social aggression being about the same in boys and girls:
    The study referred to here points to the levels of social aggression being higher in boys:

    I personally was a girl who was more physically aggressive than socially aggressive and dealt with more overall aggression from boys, though of course not exclusively.

  • Eightball535Eightball535 Registered User new member
    Hey, I just thought of two names for the girls talking to Lucy about Anne and Lori. The shorter girl with tan skin and black hair name can be Udella, and the taller girl with red hair in pigtails and fair skin and freckles name can be Bianca.

  • MRTFMRTF Registered User regular
    I see the kitty and two snakes!

  • Laika ClementineLaika Clementine Registered User regular
    Kennedy and Marta are literally my two ex friends from scouts, it's scary.

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