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[Love] is...



  • SolarSolar Registered User regular
    a many splendored thing.
    Seriously though

    that album was almost certainly made to have sex to

  • Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood My baby's in there someplace She crawled right inRegistered User regular
    But yeah metric channel on pandora

  • Desert LeviathanDesert Leviathan Registered User regular
    not enough.
    My stepbrother tried out the special sex playlist for the night of his Wedding Anniversary a couple years back, but he set it up wrong, so as soon as the first song was done it jumped over to the mid point of an episode of "Car Talk" he'd been listening to on the way to work that morning. Turns out, Tom & Ray's wheezing laughter is not so much of an aphrodisiac as one might assume.

    Realizing lately that I don't really trust or respect basically any of the moderators here. So, good luck with life, friends! Hit me up on Twitter @DesertLeviathan
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  • #pipe#pipe Cocky Stride, Musky odours Pope of Chili TownRegistered User regular
    My wife and I had some amazing sex to MBMBaM once.

    TamUsagiSassoriErin The RedDesert Leviathan
  • DaMoonRulzDaMoonRulz Mare ImbriumRegistered User regular
    On a slightly related note, what's all your go-to's for sex music

    edit: great TOTP


  • Peter EbelPeter Ebel CopenhagenRegistered User regular
    not enough.
    Music to fuck to? See sig.

    Fuck off and die.
  • TamTam Registered User regular
    fuckin falling into doldrums
    this is not a good state to be in when you have a lady to see tomorrow y'all
    my brain is garbage can I take it back to the brain store

  • Darth WaiterDarth Waiter Elrond Hubbard Mordor XenuRegistered User regular
    not enough.
    On a slightly related note, what's all your go-to's for sex music

    edit: great TOTP

    The soundtrack to Conan the Barbarian.

    Grey GhostDesert LeviathanMadEddy
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