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Is Intel still doing their blue button giveaways?

DivebommahDivebommah Registered User regular
edited April 2015 in PAX General Discussion
Hey everyone, I haven't been to a PAX since Prime 2012 and I'm just wondering if Intel is still doing their button giveaway contests. And, also, what people think of how they are doing, if they are still running them.

Full disclosure: I'm asking purely for selfish reasons. I created the contest years ago for my then client and it felt like my baby. I loved being able to meet people and give stuff away, even if it meant ending up with PAX pox every year. I don't work for that agency anymore AND I miss not being able to attend PAX anymore. I miss the connection the contest created between me and people at the show. Hence why I want to know! Thanks for indulging.

Divebommah on


  • LetMeInLetMeIn Registered User regular
    edited April 2015
    ya they had it at prime last year.

    I ran into the guy 1 time last year and he gave me a slip?ticket?(I don't remember what it was) that I took to the booth then received a flashing blue pen. I forget what the top tier prize was, want to say laptop or desktop but I don't recall

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