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if its not secret knowledge where can I find stats on acquisitions inc characters?

to be honest I'm having trouble trying to figure out their current levels in relevance to their on stage capabilities.

it almost seems as though they don't make full use of their class features.


I originally began dnd with 3.5, I tryed being loyal to 4e-barely held on, and am exceptionally fond of 5e.

my start was instinctually min/maxing and I became a self taught GM within a year.

I've Gm'd several series including 3.5, 4e, 5e, savage worlds, m&m3e, cthulhutech, eclipse phase, fate, gurps, shadowrun4e, and a few obscure systems.

the reason for requesting AI stats is that I try to remain true to fact when I ultilize other peoples work's, and I thought it would be cool for AI pc's to cameo at least in spirit in my upcoming campaign with my gaming group as npc's.

even though I'm no stranger to bend the rules for the sake of everyones enjoyment, I do need at least the vaguest outline of what I'm dealing with to get a feel for how to design characters, worlds, and flavorful adventures.



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    Mike Fehlauer is the one who makes the characters and has expressed an interest in putting the character sheets online in the past. He said on twitter that they typically have characters around level 5, where they have enough interesting abilities without being God-smashers.

    It's probable that they are using custom characters with their own features. I know that Mike Krahulik has said they needed to make dual wielding wands on their own, because the book doesn't cover it.

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