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Pre-Pax Hookah Meetup

MuffinOfDeathMuffinOfDeath Registered User regular
edited July 2015 in PAX West
Alrighty Folks, Ticket times coming near, Lets start planning our hookah party! Sadly Our fearless leader from years before doesnt seem to be able to make it, so I'll be attempting to put it together this year!

To help us get an approximate head-count Feel free to join our event on facebook

Started the year thinking we'd go to Night owl, As the update below mentions night owl is closed. SO! We will be headed to the Aladdin Hookah lounge instead! located at 1314 DENNY WAY SUITE#101 SEATTLE, WA 98109 (wont be too far from the convention center)

Update: night owl will be closing in two weeks, we'll be trying for DA spot like a few years ago not sure on prices there, but I think we can rent out a room
BIG UPDATE Night owl is closed, however one of the guys from the former owl has informed us of his new place! I'll be scoping it out asap and making a final decision, but so far Everything is pointing to a yes at the place!

Date will be the Thursday before Pax!! (I think 8/27/2015? not sure on what date this year should be yet, feel free to correct me!)

We'll shoot for around 7Pm for starting (as thats when they open) and Go until we are all hookah'd out.

For now lets try and get a general idea on numbers for the group this year!

Pricing, Thoughts, and requests:

Membership Costs typically $5 and ID is required.

Hookahs cost $18 to start, refills are $8. They do have a limit to 3 people per hookah, but seeing as last year we almost monopolized the owl i doubt it'll be an issue. heres the lounges main page. (from the pictures on the about page, It looks to be really comfortable, so i think we'll have a blast)
(menus menu 1 Menu 2)

They do have Tv's and Projectors, So If we can bring game systems I think we may be able to hook them up and rock it! I will more than likely be able to bring along a NES, SNES, N64, And/or PS3 Along with my laptop, If anyone wants to bring along another console of some kind (and spare controllers) im sure we could have a blast.

MuffinOfDeath on


  • LobstarLobstar Nades All Day East-SideRegistered User regular
    I'm down.

  • edg2000edg2000 Registered User regular
    my god! im way too excited to see this is still going. I havent been able to attend since 2011, and helped plan the first 2! awesome! if logistics work out, im totally in!

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  • royaloliverroyaloliver Registered User regular
    I'm down to go.

  • meinriddlemeinriddle Registered User regular
    Hey, so, if you're the one that came into the Night Owl, I'm the one you talked to. I'm the promoter at a different hookah lounge now, Aladdin's. We're about a mile from Da Spot. I talked to my boss tonight, and we're willing to throw you guys a PAX party. Hooking up video game systems to our TVs and projector.

    If you want, I'd love to work out an event with you.

  • meinriddlemeinriddle Registered User regular
    As far as pricing goes, we charge $18 per hookah, and $8 per refill. I might be able to get you guys a special deal as well, I'll talk to the owner again.

  • meinriddlemeinriddle Registered User regular
    I happen to be there now, and the owner just walked in. Typically, our membership is $5, but he's willing to waive that for you guys.

  • Browncoat565Browncoat565 Registered User regular
    I am of course in for the hookah night again looking forward to it I will also be advertising this on the Reddits att sme point once we have nailed down location and time

  • edg2000edg2000 Registered User regular
    any updates on this? im for sure going to hit this up, and of course want to shamelessly bump this thread :)

    But seriously, the place @meinriddle mentioned sounds excellent... one question though, whats the distance from PAX ground zero? the last one i went to was at the Cobra Lounge (rip)

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  • meinriddlemeinriddle Registered User regular
    edited June 2015

    The address of it is 1314 Denny Way #101, Seattle, WA. It's about a mile from the Sheraton, and a mile and a half from Benaroya Hall.

    meinriddle on
  • meinriddlemeinriddle Registered User regular
    Alright. So. This is happening. You can find the event page here:

  • edg2000edg2000 Registered User regular
    Looking forward to this! However i will be only stopping in briefly (Gf wants to hit up the pub crawl later in the evening). However a good relaxing hookah is a great way to end a day of setup in expo.

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  • LexiconGrrlLexiconGrrl Registered User regular
    Hey all - it looks like our fair city is gearing up for a war on Hookah. FYI.

    Happily on Sabbatical. Don't bug me.
  • MuffinOfDeathMuffinOfDeath Registered User regular
    SO we have hit a snag with the war on hookah, In order to get in, say you're with james. Mention as well that you're there for the pre-pax hookah meetup.

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