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Tidus' Sketchbook

amswafford amswafford Battle Creek, MichiganRegistered User new member
Hey all, Tidus here!

As you might tell by looking at my art, I'm a illustrator/comic book artist at heart - currently working on a online web-comic, which should start soon. Inspired by other online comic and the creators such as Penny-Arcade and MegaTokyo, I've been pushing myself more and more.

With that said, here is some of my more recent stuff that I've done this past month or two:




  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    I'm assuming that some the sketches and the top in sketches are directly from reference, while this:

    Is not?

    Looking at your WIPs, it looks like you have no under structure for your drawings, like you are copying the reference down as if you were doing a grid drawing, part by part. This means you have some alright observation skills, but if you are going to move into webcomics, and imaginative drawing, you are going to need to work on construction.

    Theres a book that may help you with this:

    I also think some of the critiques in brushwood mutt's thread probably apply.

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