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Steve_MusgraveSteve_Musgrave Registered User new member
I've lurked around this forum for years but I've never gathered the testicular fortitude to post until now. I am an on-again/off-again illustrator. I've done some comic work and some illustration work, as well. I could probably do it full time but the bloody stew of mania and depression keeps me from...well...most things. I'm mostly interested in eventually becoming an illustrator for kid's books. I don't know why, it just appeals to me. Here are some examples of my work. More to follow. Constructive criticism is welcome.


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    IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator Mod Emeritus
    Your stuff looks good man, I dont know what you are worried about.

    The weakest thing I see are the hands. They are a little banana-ish in some places, and solid hands can do a lot for an illustration.

    if you want to do a childrens book, I would just make a personal project out of it. Make it, get a few printed, and then you can shop it around, or just have it to say you did it.

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    NightDragonNightDragon 6th Grade Username Registered User regular
    I agree with Iruka here - I really love your style! The hands are the only things throwing me off right now. The forms are a little weird and can look confusing and detract from your character design. Otherwise, you've got some really solid work here.

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    lyriumlyrium Registered User regular
    These are really solid and nice to look at! Iruka's suggestion to make a personal project our of the book is a good one. If it's the writing part that's keeping you from doing it yourself, you could try to find someone to work with, because I'm sure there are also a lot of writers out there looking to try their hand at kids' books. Alternatively, doing some illustrations for a story you know and like would at least be satisfying personally and give you nice portfolio pieces.

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    Steve_MusgraveSteve_Musgrave Registered User new member
    Hello all. Sorry for the late reply. Life got crazy. Thanks so much for the feedback. I see what you mean about the banana hands. Never really thought about it before. I'm working on overhauling my portfolio so I'll have new stuff to post soon.

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    MabelmaMabelma Registered User regular
    Yeah man! I agree with everyone here. I really like your work. Especially the way you're using textured papers in some of them. Really nice stuff, and when it comes to being something then mate, you just gotta go for it. Like Iruka, said make it a personal project. At the end you'll have an actual book you can showcase to people as both your portfolio and as an actual product. Heck, I could see you doing a really interesting webcomic! Keep up the amazing work.

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    Steve_MusgraveSteve_Musgrave Registered User new member
    Thanks Mabelma! Here's a comic strip I threw together with a friend of mine. ow3t32u1qxw2.jpg

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    EncEnc A Fool with Compassion Pronouns: He, Him, HisRegistered User regular
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    I don't get it. I see the reference, but not why this should be poignant/humorous/whatever you are going for here.

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