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[Megaten/Persona Discussion] Stealing Hearts & Streams



  • MortifiedPenguinMortifiedPenguin Registered User regular
    Sat down after work and got up to a 4 person party. Loving every second so far.

    I got the special edition of this and I really like the artbook along with the Morgana plush. I will say, I wish the soundtrack were more fleshed out. 19 tracks on it, and some of my favorites that I've listened to on the internet are nowhere to be found. May bite the bullet and get the full version later on.

  • ViskodViskod Registered User regular
    Did the first palace from start to finish in one night which freed up my evenings for the more important things, like taking baths with old men.

    Artereis wrote: »
    It's not your fault, Viskod. 1 out of every 10 people just happens to be a monster.
  • Maz-Maz- 飛べ Registered User regular
    If you end a battle via Hold-Up talking to get items or Personas and there are multiple enemies present, do you get experience for all of them? Cause the ones you don't talk to kinda just vanish.

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  • GyralGyral Registered User regular
    Donnicton wrote: »
    Maz- wrote: »
    The shape of the principal's head weirds me out.

    Now that I think about it, he looks like a blob of silly putty with a face.

    He's what would happen if you melted your Lex Luthor action figure.

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